220-9092 Caterpillar K90 Penetration Rock Tip

220-9092 Caterpillar K90 Penetration Rock Tip

220-9092 Caterpillar K90 Penetration Rock Tip

New tooth for Cat Loaders and Excavators. This same tooth fits on many Wheel Loaders, Track Loaders and Excavators. This is an OEM CAT part.
220-9092: Penetration Tip. Brand: Cat. Will it fit? … Specifications for part number 220-9092. Tip Length (mm): 267. Tip Size: K90. View More …
220-9092 Cat K90 Penetration Rock Tip, Caterpillar (CAT) K-series K90 Tooth Penetration Rock Tip, Bucket Standard Protection Tip for.
Weight: 12 pounds 5 kg. Buy TIP-PENETRATION 2209092 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery. EXCAVATOR, WHEELED EXCAVATOR, …
Model: Caterpillar 220-9092 2209092 320C 320D 325C 325D. Compatible Equipment Make: Caterpillar ; Type: rock tiger tooth. Equipment Type: Excavator and Loaders.
High quality 220 9092 K90 85mm Wheel Loader Bucket Teeth Smooth Finishing from China, China’s leading 205-70-19570 excavator bucket teeth Product, …
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NBSJ owns its innovative designs to offer the best penetration, durability and maximum utilization of the dressing material. The combination of these features and benefits ensures overall cost effectiveness.
All our teeth are using high specification alloy steel to ensure excellent wear characteristics, the parts are checked by the original gages to ensure the fit is standard and ease of installation wherever possible. Wide range, quality, service, we are your best choice.
By using the finest material and following a strict manufacturing process, we produce durable and high performance parts to our customers.
We know stable and excellent quality is very important for our customer to maintain and expand their market. We trust that your consistent business success will lead to our business success.

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