222-1092 K90 Heavy Duty Abrasion Tip

222-1092 K90 Heavy Duty Abrasion Tip

222-1092 K90 Heavy Duty Abrasion Tip

222-1092: Heavy Duty Abrasion Tip. Brand: Cat. Will it fit? … Specifications for part number 222-1092. Tip Length (mm): 279. Tip Size: K90. View More …
Weight: 23 pounds 10 kg. Buy TIP-ABRASION 2221092 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery. EXCAVATOR, WHEEL LOADER,. Show …
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China G. E. T Excavator Parts Bucket Tooth 222-1092, Find details about China Bucket Tooth, Ground Engaging Tools from G. E. T Excavator Parts Bucket Tooth …

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NBSJ owns its innovative designs to offer the best penetration, durability and maximum utilization of the dressing material. The combination of these features and benefits ensures overall cost effectiveness.
All our teeth are using high specification alloy steel to ensure excellent wear characteristics, the parts are checked by the original gages to ensure the fit is standard and ease of installation wherever possible. Wide range, quality, service, we are your best choice.
By using the finest material and following a strict manufacturing process, we produce durable and high performance parts to our customers.
We know stable and excellent quality is very important for our customer to maintain and expand their market. We trust that your consistent business success will lead to our business success.


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