SKU: 4T2253PT; Weight: 11.68 LBS; Make: CATERPILLAR; Series: J SERIES; Sub-Series: J250 SERIES; Product Type: Teeth. Current Stock: Quantity:.
4T2253PT ABRASION TIP. Compatible with. 21250435. Manufacturers: American Crane & Tractor Parts, Costex Tractor Parts, H-E Parts Distribution, ITR America, …
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Style/Model: ABR/Penetration Weight: 11.50 LBS
Item #: ITR-4T2253PT Brand: Awaiting product image. Stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer do not necessarily represent the actual item being …
4T2253PT. ABR/Penetration 5.2. 23.3 6.7. 9.4. 7.6. 8E6258. 8E6259. 9J4253. Abrasion. 3.2. 19.1 7.6. 8.3. 7.6. 8E6258. 8E6259. 9J4259. Penetration.
3055521 LINK, JD330LC. 37B-70-12310 KOMATSU BLADE. 3903224 FILTER, OIL. 4N6765L CYL HEAD, LOAD. 4T2253PT ABRASION TIP 920/930/941/943.
4T2253PT. 1U3302PT. 1U3352PT. 7T3402PT. 9W8452PT. 9W8552PT. 616602PT. 4T4703PT. 1U3202SYL. 1U3252SYL. 1U3302SYL. 1U3352SYL. 7T3402SYL. 9W8452SYL. 9W8552SYL.
4T2253PT. ABR/Penetration. 11.5. 9 3/16. 2 5/8. 3 11/16. 3. 8E6258*. 8E6259**. 21.70. $. 104.31. $. 9J4259. Penetration. 5.5. 7 11/16. 1 1/4. 3 3/8. 2 15/16.
4T2253PT/RP 23 5.2 230 75 86 6Y3254HD 9N4252 27 3.9 195 76.1 90.7 6Y3254V 9J4259 2.2 190 76.4 87.6. 1U3252K 9 3.65 217 75.8 94. 1U3252R 8 2.6 193 77 92

5P5015 BEARING6G6825 SHIM5P7233 M-SEAL STK7J7034 BOSS7N0140 TUBE A8T9658 SPACER6V8787 TEE-UNION8T0376 COCK9B2052 HINGE6V2857 GROMMET6V6778 LATCH8D9448 BOSS8N8221 BEARING8R0721 SPACER6Y2084 DISC6V7383 CLIP7T2294 SHOE8H4984 GASKET8R0647 SPACER8T8902 TEE7D9708 BOLT7M5933 FLANGE7X0377 BOLT8N6432 ADAPTER7W2329 GASKET8M1659 STUD8Y3795 BOSS9D3767 PLUG6Y0538 ANGLE6V6198 CLIP-SPRING7M7859 KIT7X3229 FILM8C9987 WASHER7Y8763 BOSS8C3443 CONNECTOR8T2895 LOCK A9B0523 SPACER8J0201 BEARING6V2405 ENVELOPE6V8777 TEE8T1414 SEAL KIT7T8173 SHAFT8C6416 NIPPLE A7W4338 ARM A-VALVE9C3848 BEARING8K0273 BOSS8M8993 RING8N9729 COVER ACL7X0389 BOLT6V0659 BOLT8E8328 DISC9C6809 BLOCK6T8447 SEAL A6Y7818 SPRING7C0563 ROD A7J6576 SEAL7M7410 PLUG7X0466 BOLT0781715 HEXAGON CAP9N2366 NOZZLE A9J4980 SEAL9L6641 VEE BELT9N1460 RING9V8051 BLOCK0138258 BOLT9N6123 ELEMENT A9R2640 BOSS0179889 BOLT9W6650 SEAL G9M1599 KIT9N1465 GASKET0311382 BOLT9N1748 STEM A9W4465 SHOE0045933 TEE9M9662 NUT9W9011 BIT END RH9Y7092 COUPLING9N1425 COLLAR9R3572 BOSS9G1928 RELAY A9R3845 BOSS0775397 CAPSCREW9Y8412 DIODE A9J9427 BEARING9X7667 COUPLING AS9H1386 RING G9H2282 GASKET9R5271 BOSS9S9972 ELEMENT-AIR9W5750 WIRE A9N4120 VALVE9Y6663 COUPLING0778910 PIN COTTER0821672 PIN COTTER1060690 TIP AS0985747 NUT THIN1151651 JOINT G-SLIP0940579 PLATE,THRUST1113423 WASHER

116-7459, 9W8452 J450 Excavator Tooth Tip

101-0709, 1010709, 1U-3352WTL Caterpillar Double Point Tooth

1C6380, 1C-6380 R300 Ripper Bucket Tip fits Caterpillar

7J9551, 7J-9551, 9W8551 Caterpillar J550 Short Dirt Bucket Tip

125-8302, 1258302, 9N4302 CAT J300 Digger HD Tooth

9W9882, 9W-9882, 45S CONICAL SERIES Tooth Fits Caterpillar

222-7553, 2227553 CAT J350 Excavator Bucket Twin Sharp Rock Teeth

8J2220, 1C6456, 1C-6456 Caterpillar R350 Ripper Boot Point

1U1903, 1U-1903, 1U3351 Caterpillar Short Dirt Tip

8J4252, 8J-4252 J250 CAT Style Standard Long Tooth

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