Bobcat Ripper Attachment for Mini Compact Excavators

Bobcat Ripper Attachment for Mini Compact Excavators

Bobcat Ripper Attachment for Mini Compact Excavators

Rip through tough, hard-packed, and frozen material with the powerful force of the ripper attachment.

Built for maximum penetration, the ripper attachment tears through tough soil and frozen ground with rugged force. Gussets provide heavy-duty ripping power, and a heavy-duty shank reinforces the attachment structure for maximum uptime protection.

The single-point tooth design delivers optimum penetration, ripping through frozen ground and through root systems with ease. And once the ground is loosened, simply replace the ripper attachment with a bucket to finish cleaning the hole. Penetrate, scarify, and remove with the powerful tearing force of the ripper attachment.

Top Tasks
Rip and scarify frozen ground and soil
Remove stumps, roots systems and rebar
Gussets: Built for rugged applications, heavy-duty gussets provide maximum ripping power through tough materials.
Replaceable Single-Point Tooth: Designed for optimum penetration, the single-point tooth rips and tears deep into frozen ground and soil, delivering optimum ripping results.
Ripper Shank: Reinforces attachment structure, delivering heavy-duty uptime protection.

Heavy Duty ripper tooth / hook to fit Bobcat E19 mini excavator. Great for breaking hard ground or even digging out tree roots and fence posts, …
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2019 Bobcat E19 mini digger. £16,950.00 (Buy Now) … JCB 801 / Kubota KX36 RIPPER TOOTH. £250.00 (Buy Now) … 2008 Bobcat 323 mini excavator.
The Bobcat Ripper Attachment for Compact Excavators rips through tough, hard-packed and frozen material with powerful force.

Dig trenches   7J2514 Ripper Attachment Blade fit D7 D8 D9
Remove rocks and stumps   LK300TL Komatsu Attachments Tiger Tooth PC300TL
Transplant small trees and shrubs
Carry and plant balled and burlapped trees   Replaceable CAT Ripper Attachment Shank 9J6586
Digging depths from 27 to 48 in.
Our GET spare parts achieves the best combination of impact and abrasion resistance by carefully selection of the right steels and properly heat treatment in harsh working environment.   Komatsu Loader Attachments Tooth 538 542 545 WA350 WA380
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Casting Process : Lost Wax Casting/Investment Casting/Soluble Glass Precision Casting
Casting Tolerance : ISO/GB CT8   D10N, D10R, D10T Ripper Attachment Shank 8E8415
Casting Capacity : 1000 metric tons per month
Casting Standard : ISO , DIN , GB , AAR , BS
Certificate : ISO9001: 2008
Carbon Steel
20° C ≥ 17J   Ground Engaging Tools Ripper Components
-40° C ≥ 17J  Bulldozer Bucket Teeth 9W2452 TIP-RIPPER
Alloy steel
-40° C ≥ 14J   9W2452 9W5659 6J8813 Cat Style Ripper Tip R450
Special alloy
20° C ≥ 22J    Replacement CAT Parts Excavator Ripper Bucket Teeth 9W2451
-40° C ≥ 17J   D8 D8L D9 Bucket Ripper Centerline Teeth 9W-2451



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