BOFORS Teeth with Weld-on Adapters

BOFORS Teeth with weld-on Adapters

BOFORS Teeth with weld-on Adapters

B-Lock Type
The drop forged teeth are manufactured in two types; for Excavator and for Loader buckets.
Due to self-sharpening profile, the penetration possibility is maintained throughout their working lite.
The tapered shape of the shank ensures a streightening seating between tooth and adapter so as to perform high fracture resistance.
The teeth are manufactured in different sizes and shapes in arder to suit different buckets and applications.
The range covers most sizes of conventional loaders and excavators.
They are fully hardened and the heat treatment gives high surface hardness ( 500HB ) in combination with a tough core.

They are weld-on and have a smooth countered line so as there is no interference with the flow of materiai when loading or discharging the bucket.
They are provided with a bevel that allows a well-done welding.
The adapter contains the entire tooth shank and the tapered matching ensures a perfect seating of the tooth, consequently, high fracture resistance.
They are fully hardened to a surface hardness of 375HB and they have a tough core.

lt consists of two sections of hardened and tempered steel, specially shaped to be vulcanized with rubber together. The device is processed to withstand extreme changes in pressure and temperature and it is held in piace firmly even under the most severe conditions.
Far its replacement, even on the working field, only one hammer and a steel drift are necessary.

Teeth Adapters
Materiai Specification 30MnCrB5H 30MnCrB5H
Mechanical Properties
Surface Hardness HB 460-a-520 340-a-400
Tensile Strenght MPa 1530 min. 1150 min.
Yeld Strenght Mpa 1210min. 860 min.
Elongation % 7min. 11 min.
lmpact Strenght
(DVM) to 20°C J/cm2 40 min. 55min.

Komatsu WB93 WB97 KST27 Loader Centre Unitooth E27/ 312204054/ 42N-833-1390

Komatsu Backhoe Loader Teeth Monoblock 42N-833-1390 / 42N-833-1230 / 42N-833-1220

Komatsu WB Series 42N-833-1390 312204054 Bucket Tooth

Komatsu Machine Backhoe Loader Unitooth OEM 42N-833-1390


201-70-24130 PC60 Two Strap Adaptor

PC200 PC210 Excavator Tooth Shank 20Y-934-2211

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