Bucket Teeth Shell Layers

Bucket Teeth Shell Layers

Bucket teeth shell layers

The shape and structure of the cast of different layers of shell, there will be differences. For example, with elongatedslot casting Kong Huo need to do two or three times the surface layer; the general casting two times to do the backing layer is enough, and the relatively large castingsmay require three or more layers. Cost of shell castings per kilogram is about 5.9 yuan, of which the material costs accounted for 67.8%, fuel and poweraccounted for 23.9%,accounted for 13.3% of wages. In the 4 yuan / kg of shellmaterial, zircon sand andzirconium powder consumptionaccounted for 63%, accounted for the entire cost of shell42.7%, silica sol costs accounted for about 12.2% of the cost of making shell. Although the zircon zirconium powderwas used for the surface layer.

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Precision casting surface quality
Analysis of precision casting surface quality are as follows:

1 surface roughness of castings shall comply with the provisions of GB6060.1 casting surface roughness comparison specimens.

2 of the surface of castings to be polishing processing according to GB6060.4 regulations.

3 castings to be shot peening, surface processing according to GB6060.5 regulations.

4 Casting cracks are not allowed, less casting, porosity, bubble and any penetrating defect.

5 casting does not allow abrasions, depression, lack of meat and netted burr isosceles triangle defect.

6 cast gate, flash, overflow, septal skin should be cleaned, but allowed to leave traces. 205-70-68260 Komatsu PC200 PC150 Teeth Long STD

7 screw holes start screwing four tooth distance will not be permitted defect. Heavy Equipment Komatsu PC1600 Tooth 21T-72-74311

8 without affecting the casting under the conditions used, when the consent of the consent, the supplier ofcastinginfiltration and repair (such as welding, deformation correction etc.) treatment, the repair treatment of die castingshould make the corresponding quality inspection.  208-70-14152 Komatsu Excavator Standard Crown Tip

9 casting surface roughness for: 25um.  Komatsu Excavator PC650 Bucket Tooth 209-70-54210, 2097054210

10 casting non processing surface and processing surface,  PC150 PC160 PC200 PC228 PC158 Bucket Tooth 205-70-19570

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