Bulldozer GET Parts

Bulldozer GET Parts

Bulldozer GET Parts

Bulldozer Cutting Edges and End Bits, blades, ripper shanks, shank protectors, ripper teeth, plow bolts and nuts…

Bulldozer Cutting Edges and End Bits 300Our custom rolled and locally manufactured Bulldozer cutting edges offer superior strength, penetration and wear life. End Bits with specially contoured design ensure a greatly extended wear life. They are manufactured in varying thicknesses and matched according to machine size to perfectly suit your application and exact requirement.

Cast Extra Wear Life End Bits for larger bulldozers
Hot cupped ends for smaller machines
Cast Ripper Shanks
Heavy duty tips for longer life and better penetration
Shank protectors
Full range of high tensile grade 12 plow bolts and nuts supplied
All our Bulldozer cutting edges are through hardened to +/- 480 Brinell
Thickness range from 20mm – 60mm
Plow bolts – from 5/8” up to 1 & 3/8”

D8R, D8T Caterpillar Bulldozer Spare Parts Blade 4Z9058

4T3418 Cat Bulldozer D8 Ripper Dozer Blades

9W5232 Cat Bulldozer D8N&R U Edge

Bulldozer D375A Bucket Tooth For Ripper Komatsu 195-78-71390

OEM Parts 175-78-31230 Komatsu Machine Bulldozer Ripper Tooth

4Z-5346, 4Z5346 D10 Bulldozer Ripping Shank

8E5339 Ripper Shank for D9N D10R Caterpillar Bulldozer

9W4502 Cat D9 Bulldozer Blade End Edge

4T3422 Aftermarket OEM Cat Bulldozer Blade

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