CASE Center Teeth BU0420001, BU0H20001, Side Teeth BU0630302, BU0630303

CASE Center Teeth BU0420001, BU0H20001, Side Teeth BU0630302, BU0630303

CASE Center Teeth BU0420001, BU0H20001, Side Teeth BU0630302, BU0630303
Center Bolt-on teeth BU0420001, BU0H20001 Center Bucket Teeth Unitooth, Loader bucket teeth, Mini Central Bolt-on Bucket Tooth
Case side cutter BU0630302, BU0630303, BU-0630302, BU-0630303
BU0420001, BU0H20001 2.7kg
BU0630302 5.8kg
BU0630303 5.8kg

BU0420001 Case Bucket Tooth Center, Loader Spare Parts Bucket Mid Unitooth,Mini Central Bolt-on Bucket Tooth Shank,Middle Tooth System.
High Promotion for Jcb Middle Tooth Case 580 Bu0420001
BU0420001, BU0H20001 2.7kg. BU0630302 5.8kg. BU0630303 5.8kg. Center Bolt-on Teeth BU0420001, BU0H20001 Case Bucket Tooth Center Unitooth, Loader Bucket.
Center Teeth BU0420001, BU0H20001, Side Cutter BU0630302, BU0630303 fit for Case…
BU0420001. BU0420002. Center. 242. 60. 60. 22. 2.7. BU0630302. BU0400052. Left. 266. 102. 208. 22. 5.3. BU0630303. BU0400053. Right.
531-03208 3CX sidecuter 531-03209 CASE tooth 230S tooth 230S B adapter 2300 adapter 834-23 tooth BU0420001 sidecuter BU0630303 sidecuter BU0630302.

We produce all kinds of Bucket teeth, bucket adapter, replacement parts, excavator parts, earth engaging tools, earth moving equipment spare parts, spare parts of construction equipment, heavy machinery parts, cast tips, cast teeth, casted adapter, cutting edge, end bit, customer design cast part, mining machine parts 1U3202WTL, 1U3202TL, 1U3201 , 8J7525, 4T1204, 8E2184, 9J4207, 6Y3222, 6Y3224, 1U3252TL, 1U3252WTL, 1U3252WTL, 1U3251, 1U3252, 1U3252RC, 3G4258, 3G4259, 3G8250, 1U1254, 1U0257, 6I9250, 6I9251, 6Y3254, 9N4302, 9N4303, 1U3302WTL, 1U3301, 1U3302 , 1U3302P, 1U3302syl, 1U3302RC, 1U3302TL, 3G6304, 1U1304, 1U0307, ​​3G4309, 3G4308, 8E5308, 8E5309, 3G8308, 3G8309, 3G8309, 9J4309, 9J2307, 9N4352, 9N4353, 1U3352,1U3352RE, 1U3352WTL, 1U3351, 4T2353, 1U3352RC, 9J4359, 1U1354, 3G8354, 8E5358, 8E5359, 1U1357, 3G5358, 3G5359, 7T3402TL, 7T3402WTL, 7T3402, 7T3402RC, 8E4402, 7T3402SYL, 6I6404, 6I640, 6I6406, 9W2451, 9W2452, 9N4452, 9N4453, 1U3452WT, 9W8451, 9W8452/1U3452, 9W8452SYL, 9W8452TL, 1U3452RC/9W8452RC, 8E6464, 8E6465, 8E6466, 6I6464, 1U3552WTL, 9W8451, 9W8552 / 1U3552, 9W8559, 9N4552, 138-6552, 1U3552RC, 1U1553, PC60 (2cm) , B100, 202-70-12140, 201-70-74171 LH, 201-70-74171 RH, 205-70-74180, 205-70-74190, 207-70-34160, 207-70-34 170, BSH- B500LR, 21SYL, 27SYL, 2713Y1222, BF02P, 4046729, 4044388, 4047166, 4046816, 6254673, 4047167 , (31102), 4046797, 6254675, 3031537(32101), 4046819, 6254677, 3031539(33102), 4046862, 6254682, 4046818, 4046799, 3S3228, 3S3225, 230S, 2300, 2300, 2300FL, 23TF, 1171-00041, 1171-00031 , 1171-00171, 1171-00181, 1171-01910,1171-01900, T55GP, VO460, BF01P, SK200 LR, 3T1218, 3T1220, 2713-9037, 713-00033 5.0, 713-00033 5.5, 2713-1237 5.5, 2713-1237 5.0, 2713Y1221, 2713Y1217 , 2713Y1219RC, 2713 -9041, 2713-9041RC, 2713-9038, 2713-9038RC, 713-00032, 713-00032RC, 2713-1236, TB00704, TB0070 adapter, TB00705, U43792, TB005, TB00384A TC20383, (EX60), 2015428/2015429, BU-0H20001/BU-0420001, BU-0630303, BU-0630302, 18S, 22S, 25S , 30S , 35S , 40s , 45S, 23WT,18TL, 205-70-19RC 207-70-14151, 207-70-14151RC, 208-70-14152, 208-70-14270, 208-70-14270RC, 290-70-54210, 195-78-21331, 175-78-31230, 6I6602TL, 6I6602WTL, 6I6604, 531.030205, 531.03208, 531.03209, 331/62841, 5J4773, E161-3017, E262 -3027, 61ET-0100, 2J3506, HMK-11, HMK-12, HMK-11, HMK-11, HMK-12, HMK-162-62, E1-61-20 , E262-3046RC, 61N8-31310, 61E7-0101,6Y5230/2D5572, 9F5124, 620064, 6Y0309, 6Y0359, 9J6586, 4T2303, 4T2253, 4T2203, 4T1204, 4T4307, 096-4747 LH, 096-4748 RH, 7Y0358, 7Y0359, (v290-4CL) 4CL) 1171-01180 etc.

NBSJ can manufacture a wide range of Noses, Teeth, and Protectors to suit all sizes and types of Ripper shanks.

Through a complete inspection of the material and mechanical properties for the bucket teeth, we can effectively prevent unqualified products in the market.

The teeth are designed to maximize penetration, wear and impact resistance. Engineers are equipped with the tools, and experience to meet customer demands.

NBSJ has its innovative designs to offer penetration, durability and maximum use of the dressing material. The combination of these features and benefits ensures overall cost effectiveness.

61N8-31310, 61N831310 HYUNDAI STYLE TOOTH

61N8-31310RC Hyundai 290 360 Excavator Bucket Attachment Teeth

Hyundai R290 Drp Excavator Wear Parts Bucket Teeth 61N8-31310


85820232/ 85811440 / E29 NEW HOLLAND CASE FORK TOOTH TIP

84418417 E29L Case style Backhoe Corner Tooth

NEW HOLLAND CASE Backhoe Tooth Corner E29L/84418417/85801377

Case Bucket Sidecutter KSV0518

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