CAT Construction Equipment Parts List

CAT Construction Equipment Parts List

CAT Construction Equipment Parts List

Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world and is headquartered in Peoria, IL. CAT has been manufacturing construction equipment for nearly 100 years and has many subsidiaries including Perkins and Bucyrus-Erie. NBSJ Parts is proud to supply aftermarket replacement parts for this prestigious brand.

there is no reason for you to buy or shop for CAT parts anywhere else. Our experienced sales staff, and quality fist approach to vendor selection, gives us a competitive advantage and affords us the luxury of offering service that is second to none. If you have not already done so, we ask that you give us the opportunity to be your Caterpillar parts supplier, and we promise to deliver you the best mix of service, availability, price and technology than you will find anywhere else in this industry.

1273422 SEAL AS-LOW8T8092 SEAL-FACE1344483 RETAINER5A8172 BOLT5Y0372 RETAINER8N8058 RETAINER4992698 SEAL-INT-C6V5217 BOLT0951632 O-RING8M4228 RING WEAR1927506 SEAL3017298 CLAMP-WAVE L0005590 BOLT 3/8 X 2005590 BOLT 3/8 X 20066259 BOLT 3/8 X 2066259 BOLT 3/8 X 2160877 BOLT 3/8 X 2781707 BOLT 3/8 X 29H4016 PIN7C3638 FILTER FUEL3848698 VALV-EXH-CLA9T2883 BEARING8S0395 BOLT7N9804T PISTON PIN9L2316 PISTON PIN4392695 SEAL-U-CUP3848703 VALV-INT-CLA1106326 MAIN ELEMENT5R7137 WASHER1760626 WASHER3G1280 SPACER6H3615 PLUG7X5422 PLUG0816698 PLUG PIPE0821553 PLUG PIPE2P2720 GASKET3146905 CM CABLE BK3K3360 BRACKET083214 RETAINER PIN83214 RETAINER PIN8N7295T RETAINER PIN5B0651 FITTING4T6780 RING4E5984 STRAP0868565 NUT3472381 RING-PISTON-6N2851 INSERT5I7529 BUSHING1566175 CLIP1361152 SEAL1714358 SEAL-O-RING6N2848 METER-HOUR3153394 VALVE-EXHAUS4B9880 BALL2401614-SLV SLEEVE, ISOLATOR OIL PAN1590464 ADAPTERRZ4-03 MILLING BIT6D0679 KNOB7M9910 SCREW7X3374 NUT7X4961 BEARING KIT5P4850 BOLT 1/2 X 302290-11625 PLOW NUT 1INCH4V8673 BEARING5W4016 BOLT8T9379 BOLT1930478 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/1619H2676 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/162002016 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/1625317R1 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/162B9511 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/162F1009 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/164097516 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/164H8189 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/165144978 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16573904 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16578633 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16722524 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/1676008353 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/1679012420 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16CR 465 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16CR429 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16CR429B TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16CR465 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/16T163471 TRACK BOLT 9/16X1-15/163B4632 COTTER PIN0T0284 BOLT9J5558 SEAL A4H9105 SEAL1221881 PLATE-CLUTCH1W5283 INSERT6N8505 GASKET1099369 MOUNT-RUBBER9X7385 SEAL O RING0950863 PIN,SPLIT8T1757 NUT8T1179 CM SEAL STOC2287090 SEAL-O-RING1W7524 BEARING7L9061 SEAL-O-RING

5P8211 SEAL2067030 SEAL-PRESS I4T6907 RING-WEAR5L8855 RING5/8X3 PLOW BOLT (70)2M5173 SEAL5P8066 SEAL3P0337 PLATE8T4172 BOLT3285572 BEARING-ROD5F3144 SEAL2323233 BEARING-MAIN7W2315 RETAINER3969901 ROD-TIE-CLA2H6124 RING4D4064 ROD-END1516320 TOOL REMOVAL2162267 SEAL-LIP TYP2296079 WASHER-SPRIN5M2998 RING9X7743 SEAL2H3504 LOCK2W5447 GASKET8T8735 PLUG7368691 NUT – TRACK D9L/D9N7370417 NUT – TRACK D9L/D9N7372954 NUT – TRACK D9L/D9N2H3935 SEAL8N3180 BODY A,PIST4431203 PIN-GET-CL3P1461 SEAL9J7814 SEAL1672186 SEAL AS-BUFF9X7269 SEAL A1118015 GASKET AS4728022 SEAL-BSC-C9Y1484 GASKET-SPACE5P7701 SEAL8J7525 ADAPTER1373623 SEAL O RING1613424 RING-PISTON2G0478 DISC8T2502 BOLT6K0697 BOLT9X8892 BOLT3K8782 FUSE2W9101 SEAL G4901723 VALVE-EXHA1209762 O RING1D4631 CAP SCREW7N1819 GUIDE1422633 SEAL-BUFFER1U1906 TIP LONG1S0685 COTTER8R0126 WASHER7N5080 GASKET1417221 NUT3831585 ROTOCOIL-CLA0365802 BUSHINGCR2974/18L SHOE 18 STD- D4 5/87C7431 GASKET9D6581 SEAL5I7523 SLEEVE1757903 SEAL-O-RING1W2713 INSERT-VALVE4N4029 CYL. LINER KIT4J7134 HOSE1957200 PIN-FLEX1A8651 CAPSCREW3K0158 SEAL7T0998 BOLT4S6752 SEAL1302613 GUIDE-VALVE2332603 SEAL-O-RING0S1600 BOLT1077545 CROWN AS4M7021 SEAL4B0897 PLATE1N3216 SEAL G-CRANK8H9788 GASKET0951703 O-RING5J4608 RING-EXPAND5J4609 SEAL3318538 SEAL-WHEEL3526061 SEAL-LINER8B4967 SEAL1092332 SEAL O RING1456857 VALVE-EXH2B2695 CAP SCREW7G5675 RING-SEAL2A3223 BOLT8M8997 SEAL O RING8T2230 SEAL4613876 BOLT8T7195 SEAL-FACE5I0556 BEARING5P8118 RING8D8796 DISC ASSY9Y7895 GUIDE VALVE2826627 SOCKT AS-CLA

8Y6896 CM GLAZING1P3709 SEAL5P7760 CM-HOSE STK0619456 SEAL1M3097 RING7X0449 NUT8T0367 BOLT1210145 SEAL – O-RIN676987 FUEL ELEMENT2856125 BOLT-HEX HEA7E7997 BEARING9M1393 RING5J8018 RING-BACK UP7F5227 CAP SCREW6N7887 GASKET4433571 SEAL-CLA8F5340 SEAL8T2501 BOLT9H7668 RING3843475 RETAINER-CLA0S1973 CAPSCREW8T1190 CM SEAL STK1269424 CM-TUBE HS4912034 SEAL-RNG-C2392402 SEAL-FUEL SY1871513 SKIRT – PIST7C0115 PIN-PISTON625275 PLOW BOLT 5/8 X 2.3/43V4247 BOLT3E6648 CM SEAL4B2043 NUT7M3799 SPACER1624307 SEAL-TRACK5J2974 SEAL1121533 BOLT-HEX6V7699 WASHER1028804 RECPTACLE KI1757902 SEAL-O-RING5018022 PIN-PIST-C2W0712 SEAL A6B1557 CAP SCREW0092062 O RING1S9327 GASKET2R0098 SEAL O RING2171456 RING KIT-PIS9R2505 SEAL8C3081 SEAL O RING2382710 SKIRT-PISTON2S4213 SPRING1T0097 RING4N2401 BEARING PK 102611836 SCREW2070573 CM BULK SEAL2382717 RING-PISTON-1749638 BOLT4728011 SEAL-CLA3L8187 LOCK WASHER7B5052 RIVET8T1788 SEAL2P4511 RING-SEAL8T0354 BOLT616208C1 TD20 BOLT 5/8 X6Y7432 BOLT TRACK2258019 GASKET-PUMP-5I7588 BEARING SET6B1909 SPRING7C6976 BRG-CON ROD7W8064 VALVE-INLET2856124 WASHER-HARD6T0956 PAD A6F7557 GASKET7W2510 BUSHING-CONN8J6284 SHIM8T8927 BOLT7K9208 SEAL1D4541 CAPSCREW4N6761 ROTOCOIL A7J9559 SPRING1193253 ADAPTER1211371 SEAL U CUP2344815 PIN1871315 GASKET AS-HE5M9735 SEAL8E5703 SHIM7K9211 SEAL1709860 SEAL-U-CUP1634565 SEAL-O-RING4196381 BRG-MAIN-C6I0928 WASHER3J9025 SEAL ASSY1672197 SEAL AS-BUFF4196377 BRG-CON-CL3F4479 PIN4N4249 SEAL7E5862 INSERT VALVE1D4612 CAP SCREW7W2059 GASKET6V7350 SEAL1503728 GASKET1984780 WASHER-HARD

7J9344 BRG SLEEVE9B3175 CAP SCREW8T0277 PIN1076254 SEAL-LIP TYP7Y5128 BEARING9U8886 RING SEAL0857269 WASHER1D5119 NUT7G2830 RING0058639 BUSHING1090079 SEAL O RING8T0348 BOLT9S8005 PLUG7W5552 LIFTER A VAL5P1261 CM-HOSE STK4457701 GAS-MAN-CL3919874 SEAL-CLA1011635 GASKET7V4077 SPIDER & BRG1112721 FILTER2941685 VALVE-EXHAUS1R0719 ELEMENT A2165586 BEARING-SLEE2N4619 BLOCK8C9134 SEAL-LIP TYP2005725 HOUR METER4471722 BOLT-HEX H2321285 INSERT-VLV3H3627 SCREW8T7199 SEAL FACE1241855 BOLT 12PT8J0112 RING-WEAR9G5588 SPACER6H3957 BEARING6V5657 SEAL O RING0962665 RING BACKUP3H8142 BOLT2313538 SEAL-WIPER8T2925 PIN-SPRING3J0634 SEAL5V8193 TAG6V9830 PLUG AS4V7062 CARRIER8T0358 BOLT2G9566 BLOCK8T8917 BOLT0329090/91 WASHER, THRUST SET, STD0336044 O-RING3K0159 RING6I1713 INSERT VALVE4F6464 WASHER7X2488 BOLT1135434 BOLT5M1065 GAGE0058593 SEAL1885640 MASTER BOLT3J4441 SEAL ASSY3043974 PLUG2873885 BOLT2987910 SCREW-HEX HD4I8631 BOLT8T2150 RING0812867 SCREW0949225 BOLT0964787 BOLT0958523 BOLT0994440 BOLT1442568 BOLT1287211 BOLT2P3719 DISC A2255495 VALVE-INLET2J5038 ROD-END8N5763 SEAL2S0502 BEARING6I5415 CM SEAL8S4717 BOLT1102895 CM SEALRZ3-01P MILLING BIT0773559 WASHER-FLAT0774969 WASHER, FLAT0827484 LOCKWASHER0812801 WASHER9W1735 DISC-FRICTIO0963622 BOLT0963653 BOLT2971813 SCREW-HEAD3P5859 SEALORING1140468 PIN – G E T6G1915 SHIM1799361 GASKET6N1396 GASKET6I0282 VALVE2511659 SEAL AS.6V8978 SEAL8E5742 RING-SEAL9S3582 CONE1550809 SEAL-LINER0L0935 LOCK0819393 WASHER – D4H/D5H0868571 WASHER – D4H/D5H

Replacement Caterpillar Parts Lists

CAT 357-2696 Excavator Bucket Sidecutter

Caterpillar Wear Attachment Bucket Sidecuter 256-8691, 2568691

096-4747 SIDE CUTTER KIT for CAT 315C 322C 320C 321C

8J9825 8J9826 CAT Sidecutters fits Excavator 349E, 350, 365B L, 375


CATERPILLAR Side Bar Bucket Protection 8J9825, 8J-9825


8J9615, 8J9614 CAST Side Cutter Replacement CAT

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