CAT Mining Lip Assembly/ Cast Lip/ Whisler Lip

CAT Mining Lip Assembly Cast Lip Whisler Lip

CAT Mining Lip Assembly/ Cast Lip/ Whisler Lip

NBSJ Co., Ltd. supplies the following CAT Mining Lip Assembly/Cast Lip/Whisler Lip for CAT excavators(backhoe, front shovel, electric shovel), loaders and bulldozer & motor grader rippers. 444-1788 485-1637 444-1781 444-1783 444-1787 444-1784 444-1785 528-9555 549-4981 464-0825 450-0618 476-7095 530-0213 Besides CAT Mining Lip Assembly/Cast Lip/Whisler Lip, WE also provide full range of ground engaging tools for CAT excavators(backhoe, front shovel, electric shovel), loaders and bulldozer & motor grader rippers. CAT Mining Tooth, Pin and Adapters CAT Mining Lip Assembly CAT Mining Lip Shrouds CAT Mining Wing Shrouds CAT Mining Half Arrows If any interest in CAT bucket tooth/tooth tip/tooth points, tooth pin & retainer, adapters, shrouds, cast lips, half arrows, please inquire for more details. Any interest or inquiry, please feel free to contact: China spare wear parts

CL-1 cast lips are designed for use with CL-1 G.E.T systems. It is designed to be highly productive with a lowest cost per ton target. CL-1 lips are light weight which result in faster cycle times, improved RSL, and higher capacity bucket.
» Less energy required to penetrate and fi ll the bucket
» Stronger lip resulting in less fl ex
» Less maintenance of cast lip due to positive retention
» Optimized Spade Angle Shrouds reduce normal material forces on the shroud faces
» Contoured shroud is recessed into the lip
» 4300, 5100, 5600 mm widths
» 5 nose sizes to match application

All CL-1 couplers secure to the CL-1 nose base with a hammerless retainer that pulls the coupler
tight. Coupler pocket has dual load bearing surfaces to minimize nose stress and wear.
» Minimize nose wear – Coupler pocket evenly distributes load on nose base to reduce stress.
» Durable tip life – Concave fit tooth and coupler transfers load into larger components.

The CL-1 tip design improves penetration, resulting in more effi cient bucket fi ll. The retainer lock is built into each tip, simplifying installation. Our hammerless pull ring retention (PRR) secures the tip with the retainer lock. One turn with a common square drive will unlock the tip. Tip stabilizer legs contact coupler before pin to defl ect operating load.
The penetration tip provides excellent penetration for moderate impact and abrasion applications.
Typically used in high abrasion applications where aggressive penetration is needed. This tip has 8% more wear material than the CL-P tip.
The panel tip provides good all around penetration and abrasion resistance in standard applications.
The precision tip provides excellent productivity, it works best in moderate impact and abrasion applications.
The HD penetration tip provides the highest level of penetration in high impact and abrasion applications.
The EWL tip provides the same excellent productivity as the precision tip but is for use in hard rock and extremely abrasive mining applications.

Half Arrow Blades & Cutting Edges

Center Half Arrow Lip Segment 116-7460

116-7462 9W5730NRR Caterpillar Edge Segment 3 Bolt

195-7191 / 1957191 SEGMENT HALF ARROW RH FOR 988G 990 II 992G

117-6806, 1176806 Non-reversible Segment for 994D 994F 994H Loader

Loader 990 Half Arrow Segment RH 2755461 / 275-5461

109-9030 1099030 Caterpillar Half Arrow Center Bolt-on 5 Holes

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