Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world and is headquartered in Peoria, IL. CAT has been manufacturing construction equipment for nearly 100 years and has many subsidiaries including Perkins and Bucyrus-Erie. NBSJ Parts is proud to supply aftermarket replacement parts for this prestigious brand.

3598788 359-87874191171 359-87870875622 087-56210875623 087-56210875753 087-57520875754 087-57523355268 HOSE A3355267 HOSE A1153748 115-3747981-304U SPICA LED N2401 12-24V 24W WIDEFLOOD BLTINDEUTSCH1483470 HOSE A3864343 187-71733864342 179-74643864340 199-16893864663 104-89994I1746 4I17454I1747 4I17454I1752 4I17514I1743 4I17424I1744 4I17424I1749 4I17484I1750 4I17481488315 CONNECTOR A4547216 HOSE A1W2902 ROD ASSY.1W2903 ROD ASSY.4158968 HOSE A4158969 HOSE A4158957 HOSE A4158966 HOSE A4158964 HOSE A4251889 HOSE A4158967 HOSE A4158958 HOSE A4158972 HOSE A4158974 HOSE A4158970 HOSE A4158971 HOSE A4158935 HOSE A4158954 HOSE A4158934 HOSE A4158955 HOSE A4158949 HOSE A4158933 HOSE A4244304 HOSE A3976488 HOSE A3681566 HOSE A5216949 368-15659L7828K PISTON KIT7Y3427-M BEARING SLEEVE2181022 218-10211U3202PT TIP1Z6432 PAD1697761 HOSE A3864660 5I30881052750 BOLT2747468 BEARING3646833 WASHER4J5628 SEAL O RING4V096 LOCK5F1436 STUD5F9338/ BOLT6B3781 SOCKET A RH8N9943 RETAINER9B8920 SCREWA000013882 WASHER4222979 HOSE A4222978 HOSE A2454774 HOSE A4195790 216-65894559321 216-65454559322 216-65464559323 216-65414707573 216-65414604955 216-65404559324 216-65422724181 272-41804191159 272-41804195784 296-72294637161 HOSE A1021249 102-12481021250 102-12484191154 102-12484191168 330-23843773292 377-32914195793 377-32913864367 266-13033773295 377-32944195794 377-32944191167 317-47124195781 253-64454195792 5I85109J9055-M PIN AS1155996 208-81091155997 208-81122A33989 CAT4344877 HOSE A4441341 444-13394441342 444-13393371312 337-1311

2433820 DISPLAY GP1833203 KNOB1884192 LOCKNUT-SPL1895370 SEAL KIT1930794 SEAL DUST1933809 PIN-GUIDE1955131 EDGE-CUTTING1992323 GASKET2033341 TUBE AS.2253143 ALTERNATOR G2270186 GASKET KT-TO1800124 SHIM-BEARING1836084 BEARING1836848 BREATHER AS1843958 SHAFT-DRIVE1892910 GASKET-RUBBE1966931 GASKET KIT2003883 GASKET KIT2043630 SEAL KIT2094853 BULB2214594 TUBE2260322 CAM-LOCK2417129 LINK2434505 RECEPTACLE A1993137 LAMP_AS-FLOO2022280 SWITCH AS.-R2025415 RECEPTACLE2201571 HARNESS AS.-2219485 PLASTIC BUSH2220315 CLAMP AS.2388864 PUMP AS-LIFT2394383 STRIP1859157 MTR GP-ELEC1885004 CABLE AS1901534 IDLER GP-TRA1941116 TURBO GP-BSC1947112 SHIM1955834 COVER AS2003887 GASKET KIT2009099 NUT 14MM2177715 GEAR-CLASSIC2181958 HARNESS AS2256477 PLATE2321540 SEAL2351089 NUT-FLANGE2379849 CAGE-BEARING2441324 IDLER GP-TR1801538 DOWEL1886252 PLATE-HOOD1935916 PLUG2161740 LIGHTING GP-2339245 KIT-GASKET-S2355264 HARNESS AS2435800 KIT-SEAL-H.C1804363 SEAL-RECTANG1872034 NUT-FLANGE1941249 SUPPORT2070799 BUSH2097091 GAGE-OIL2197618 TURBO GP-BAS2221196 KIT – GASKET2280806 KIT-SEAL-H-C2344442 SEAL KIT2344666 SEAL KIT2363670 STRIKER AS2400716 TUBE KIT2409518 KIT-SEAL-H.C2431920 STEM AS.-COL1838040 HOSE AS1935726 BRACKET-TOOT2043093 PLATE-BK DR2128569 BODY AS2213428 PIN2338668 KIT-GASKET-M2424271 CYL GP2435802 KIT-SEAL-H.C1884216 PISTON1979376 PISTON RING2002500 WIRE AS2003327 COUPLING2200229 ALARM AS-BAC2299780 BUSHING2316984 COMPRESSOR G2331277 PLATE2362295 TUBE AS2458946 MIRROR AS.1785019 PLUG1807951 BUSHING AS-L1842515 NUT-HEX FLAN1903763 GASKET-V CVR1985736 LINK AS2225765 SEAL-RING2262737 CYLINDER-CLA2299380 PUMP GP.2339480 KIT-GASKET-S1936355 BLOCK1994478 GEAR GP-BRG&2019698 PIN AS2094250 BUSH2170333 SEAL O RING

2276056 SHAFT-PINION2296051 SPACER2408515 KIT-SEAL-H.C1850888 BOLT1852308 GASKET KIT1896244 SEAL-PACKING1903010 SEAL-O-RING1958200 COVER AS2093789 BOLT2100871 SPACER2196932 HARNESS AS2260211 BRACKET-CLAS2270218 HOSE AS2283306 SEAL KIT H C2310247 SPACER-CLA2314780 SLEEVE2352716 PUMP GP-PS-B2358029 FILM-WARN AR1834403 CLIP-LOOP1857533 GLASS (RH DO1903532 DISC-FRICTIO1945587 SEAL KIT-STD1947049 SPIDER AS-FN1955704 SEAL-O-RING2095153 SWITCH AS -2265986 CARRIER-CLAS2270219 HOSE AS2440953 KIT-SEAL-H.C2696989 PIN2826524 GLASS3300422 GASKET2481163 KIT-SEAL-H.C2624853 FILM FOPS2643243 ADAPTER2690521 SHIM2794981 GEAR-CAM-CLA2990205 CIRCLIP2992050 RING-CLASSIC3052893 HOSE AS3100203 VALVE GP-SOL2574183 WIRING KIT2582466 BRACKET2845686 FILTER2957125 HOSE2993435 BOLT3002590 SHAFT-CLASSI3168850 ROD3182365 CLIP2481348 CONTROL KIT2590508 SEAL-FUEL SY2634016 SEAL-FUEL SY2799668 HARNESS-WIRE2900564 CASE AS.2990380 VALVE-TIRE2992081 PLATE-STOP2994310 BAFFLE3133478 FILM-WARN3136413 KIT-GASKET(C3148623 ARM-RCKR-CLA3212412 ELEMENT SEC2530618 INJECTOR GP-2567485 PISTON AS2590656 SEAL KIT2610670 CLAMP2664561 KIT-GASKET-C2803771 BOLT2813581 CORE AS2829534 KIT-GASKET-W2981730 SPACER3035795 MOTOR STARTE3054672 MUFFLER AS2527648 STRIP2725977 KIT-GASKET-O2789255 BEARING-SLEE2909183 BEARING-SLEE2922682 BARREL2933081 CAM-LATCH3010425 KIT-GASKET-A2554160 COMPRESSOR G2602289 LINK AS-BRG2609229 CONNECTOR-ST2637125 HARNESS AS2776240 BRACKET AS.2848404 FILM-ROPS/FO2892956 SEAL WIPER2949812 RETAINER-SPR2981732 SPACER3176437 HARNESS AS.3207344 BEARING3267298 PIN AS2485514 BODY AS-STL2521732 BASE-RELAY2610376 TENSIONER AS2612493 WIRE AS2684122 WASHER-HARD2807856 MOTOR GP-PRF2828893 SHIM PACK2988182 BEARING-ROLL2988292 SHIM3119354 BRG-BALL-CLA

EX30U ZX35U Mini Excavator Bucket Left & Right Hand Sidecutters

3061850 EX40 / EX45 Hitachi style Sidecutter

2039541 HITACHI Miniexcavator EX33U EX22 ZX30 Side Cutter

2039542 HITACHI Bucket Side Cutter ZX30U ZX35U ZX40UR

CAT 357-2696 Excavator Bucket Sidecutter

326-3406, 3263406 Excavator Bolt On Sidecutter Left Hand

Sand Casting Side Cutter 326-3405 For CAT340 390

Cat Heavy Duty Sidecuter 256-8690, 2568690

256-8690 Cat style End Bit Sidecuter

Caterpillar Wear Attachment Bucket Sidecuter 256-8691, 2568691

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