Caterpillar Type Teeth

Caterpillar Type Teeth

Caterpillar Type Teeth

Why not bolt-on teeth? Ultimately, a two part tooth system offers greater versatility of tooth types, and also greater strength, since the adapters are welded to the bucket’s cutting edge.

Why bother with different types of tip? The notes above give some indication of this, but basically it is the best way to ensure tooth breakage/wearcosts are kept to a minimum, and to ensure you’re not wasting fuel by struggling to dig with blunt or incorrect teeth.

Which is the best tip? There is no ‘best’ tip, and tip choice is not an exact science, particularly in varying ground conditions. However, if you use the best compromise for your particular job, and review the criteria regularly, you can save a great deal of time and effort. Remember that tips may be swapped before they are worn out, and kept aside for future use.

What machines can they be used on? Basically, there is a size of tip and adapter to fit all excavators from 1.5 to 80 tonnes. Many machines are already fitted with this system, but if not, it is a relatively easy job to weld the adaptors onto the bucket edge and convert.

What if I want a flat edge? If you need to dig a flat base to a trench, you can weld a cutting edge accross a set of tips to form an ‘underblade’. These can be swapped for standard tips at any time, and re-fitted when you next need to use a straight edge.

Caterpillar Type Teeth
Caterpillar Type Teeth

NB: ‘CAT’ and ‘Caterpillar’ are registered trade marks of and names, of companies other than us, and are quoted by way of reference only.

Short style tip
For all general purpose applications. A good strong tip, with low unit cost.

Long style tip
A longer wearing general purpose tip, but with less ultimate strength than the Short type.

Caterpillar teeth – retaining pin
Retaining pin & split washer

The Caterpillar type side-pin tip and adapter system is a tried and tested formula, and offers wide choice of tip styles and exceptionally good value for money. Our ‘non-genuine’ equivalent to the CAT system is the most popular choice both on our new excavator buckets, and for customers repairing existing bucket, because as well as being very well priced, it is easily available worldwide, since you can also buy the (compatible) genuine article through us.

9W8452SYL Caterpillar Spare Parts J460 Drp Excavator Bucket Tooth

6Y0309 Motor Grader Ripper Tooth Tip Fits Caterpillar R300

4T5502 3G6502 Intermediate Penetration Tip fits Caterpillar D9 D10 D11

1U3352RC, 1U-3352RC Caterpillar J350 Rock Tip

8J-7525, 8J7525 Caterpillar J200 Bottom Strap Weld On Side-pin Adapter

6I6464 Caterpillar Bucket Teeth Adapter for J450 Excavator

1U-1354 / 1U1354 Caterpillar style Flush Mount, Weld-on Loader Adapter

CAT style J550 Loader Tooth Point Penetration 9W8552PT, 1U3552PT

CAT J550 9W8552RC 1U3552RC Rock Chisel Bucket Tooth

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