Daily Maintenance of Bucket Teeth

Daily Maintenance of Bucket Teeth

Daily Maintenance of Bucket Teeth

1. Keep it sharp: the teeth on both sides of the excavator generally wear about 30% faster than the teeth in the middle of the bucket. When the teeth on both sides wear much shorter than the teeth in the middle, the teeth on both sides and the middle Change the position and continue to use, indirectly increasing the service life of the bucket teeth.

Tips: If there is a difference of 2~3cm between the teeth at the center and the teeth at both ends, it can be replaced.

2. Pay attention to the digging operation angle: when the bucket teeth are digging down, they are perpendicular to the working surface, so as to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to excessive inclination angle.

3. Wear of the tooth seat: When the tooth seat wears 10-15%, it is recommended to replace the tooth seat. There is a large gap between the worn tooth seat and the bucket teeth, so that the cooperation between the bucket teeth and the tooth seat And the stress point changes, causing the bucket teeth to break due to the change of the stress point.

4. Driving method: try not to retract the bucket when lifting the boom, and pay special attention to the coordination of movements. Some excavator drivers often use too much force to drop the bucket on the rock during the action of enlarging the arm and sending the forearm, which will break or crack the bucket teeth and damage the arm.

Tips: At present, the imported excavators commonly used in the market are: Carter, Komatsu, Hitachi, Daewoo, Kobelco, Hyundai, etc.

Commonly used domestic excavators include: XCMG, Yuchai, Sany, Sany, Lingong, Shantui, Foton Lovol, Liugong, Xiagong, Chenggong, Lonking, Shanhe, Zoomlion, etc.

For these excavators, in addition to the bucket teeth produced by the original factory, the domestic bucket tooth manufacturers are mainly in Ningbo and Shandong. The common brands are: Ningdong bucket teeth, NBSJ bucket teeth, Neutron Star bucket teeth, Tengtou bucket teeth, Tian Heng bucket teeth, Benyi bucket teeth , Lukun bucket teeth, diamond bucket teeth, Wanguan bucket teeth, Chuan brand bucket teeth, Jinfeng bucket teeth, Lianfeng bucket teeth, etc.

D94019 PIN
7362178 SEAL   Case Style Bucket Wrap Around Adapter 2740-AW-23, 7703990, 7704805
F5428764 BUSHING
G1827678 PIN
PM02B01322P3 PIN   CASE BACKHOE ADAPTER D48035, D136811, D91886
160739A1 PIN
8914028 PIN    CASE BACKHOE BUCKET ADAPTER 2740AW23, R500568, L43266
PM51B01012P2 PIN
286121A1 PIN   CASE LOADER BACKHOE ADAPTER 7704805, 7704806, B91262
P5728771 BUSHING
6828522270 PIN
U2430980 PIN    CASE TRACTOR LOADER ADAPTER 7704302, 7704302DS, 2740-AW23
D49812 PIN
72270769 SPACER
168234A1 BUSHING   Case H&L 23 Series Bucket Adapter 834-23, 7704803
D67357 PIN
200212A1 BUSHING
8917557 PIN    Case New Holland Ford Bucket Adapter 7700626, 833-18
D50696 PIN
217697A1 BUSHING    New Holland / Case Flush Mount Adapter 12L5DW8-2A, 2L5DW-8-2A
P1528633 BUSHING
6005293M2 BUSHING   Ford New Holland Dirt Bucket Tooth D3NN302C, 230
201506A1 BUSHING
N3430945 PIN    Kubota Hardware Bolt Washer 76550-34390


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