Do Excavator Need Routine Maintenance?

Do Excavator Need Routine Maintenance

Do Excavator Need Routine Maintenance?

Excavator bucket is an important part of excavator. Excavator bucket is the most used accessory besides some specific working occasions. But compared with the main parts of the excavator, such as the engine, hydraulic system and so on, the excavator bucket with simple structure often does not get too much attention from the users. Does the bucket really need not be maintained? The answer is, of course, No.

Excavator bucket can be divided into dozens of different types according to the different material and function. In daily work, selecting the right bucket can achieve the desired effect in construction efficiency or cost control.

So how do we maintain the excavator in our daily work?

Most people think that the bigger the excavator bucket, the higher the construction efficiency or the thicker the excavator bucket, the longer the durability, and then blindly reinforce the excavator bucket.

This method is not advisable. If the bucket is protected in an all-round way, the weight of each bucket will be increased. Heavy bucket will not only increase the oil consumption of the machine, but also have a considerable impact on the life of the machine, which can not be ignored. In fact, in general, the manufacturer’s standard buckets are reasonably constructed and designed, which can fully meet the general working conditions. If the conditions are really bad and need to be strengthened, it is also recommended that you should weld the parts that need to be strengthened most, rather than the whole welding, do not wrap the excavator with thick armor.

Do Excavator Need Routine Maintenance
Do Excavator Need Routine Maintenance

Bucket teeth are the terminal of excavator. Bucket teeth are the most loaded working parts during excavation. They belong to consumable parts. Especially in stone construction environment, the wear rate of bucket teeth is very fast. The use of bucket teeth can also directly affect the efficiency and production cost of excavators. Imagine that when the wear of the tip of bucket teeth is more serious, the force needed for excavators to cut in during excavation operation will be greatly increased, resulting in greater fuel consumption and affecting work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the new bucket teeth in time when the loss of bucket teeth is serious.

In the daily maintenance of excavators, if you can check the fuel, lubricating oil, water and air every day, you can reduce the machine failure by 70%.If you want your excavator to do a better job in your daily work, spend 2 minutes a day checking the bucket. The main inspection contents are: the wear degree of the bucket body and whether there are cracks. If the wear degree is serious, the reinforcement should be considered. As for the bucket body with cracks, welding repair should be carried out in time to avoid increasing the length of cracks due to delayed maintenance, resulting in unsustainable situation. In addition, the bucket teeth should be kicked with the foot to check whether the bucket teeth are stable. If the bucket teeth are loose, they should be tightened immediately.

Maintaining the bucket teeth of excavators can increase construction efficiency, control construction cost and create economic value. Our company has many years of casting and processing experience, can provide a variety of Engineering Machinery Accessories, welcome to inquire.

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