Do You Understand the Purchase and Maintenance of Bucket Teeth?

Do You Understand the Purchase and Maintenance of Bucket Teeth

Do You Understand the Purchase and Maintenance of Bucket Teeth?

Excavator bucket teeth are as important as human teeth. First of all, they can protect the bucket. As a consumable part, it can replace the bucket to withstand wear and protect the bucket. Second, it is more convenient to dig. Large, when encountering hard excavation objects, it can work more smoothly and improve work efficiency.

Cast and forged teeth

Our bucket teeth are generally divided into casting bucket teeth and forged bucket teeth according to the manufacturing method. The two manufacturing methods also have different performances. Generally, forged bucket teeth are more wear-resistant and harder, and have a longer service life. They are the two types of cast bucket teeth. times, the price is only 1.5 times.

Cast bucket teeth

Casting bucket teeth is to cast the heated molten metal into the mold, and the blank parts of the bucket teeth are ready after cooling. However, castings are prone to trachoma during manufacturing, so the service life and hardness are compared with forgings. lower.

Forged teeth

Forging bucket teeth is to use forging equipment to forge the embryo body, so that the bucket teeth can obtain certain mechanical properties, improve the organizational structure, and ensure the hardness and service life of the bucket teeth.

Maintenance of bucket teeth

During the excavation operation, the teeth on the outside of the bucket wear 30% faster than those on the inside. After a period of use, the positions of the teeth on the inside and outside can be exchanged to maintain the same degree of wear.

good digging habits

Try to consciously align the bucket teeth vertically to the excavation target, the smaller the angle deviation, the higher the excavation efficiency and the longer the service life of the bucket teeth.

At the same time, do not swing left and right during excavation. At the beginning of the design of the bucket teeth, the upper and lower forces are considered, and the left and right forces are not considered. The left and right forces will easily lead to damage to the bucket teeth.

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