Dozer Replacement Ripper Shank

Dozer Replacement Ripper Shank

Dozer Replacement Ripper Shank

Process: forging, investment casting, hot rolling, tungsten coating
Material: rolled alloy steel
Hardness: HRC 38-44
Impact: akv≥26
Heat resistant: 300-400 degrees Celsius
Tensile Strength: σbMpa≥1500
Elongation: Σ≥4%
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There are two types for large rippers, both types have a center rib for strength and sharpness, in addition to being casted or rolled or forged by special alloy steel for added Hardness and impact-resistance, available in three grades of lengths to meet various application.

Mining dozers, heavy duty crawler loaders, bulldozers
OEM part numbers for main advantage products:
Cast ripper arm 9J6586 for D4/CAT955, 9J8923 for CAT 973/977/983/D5/D6/D7, 8E8418 for D8K/D8N/D8L/D9H/D9N, nose 103-8114 for D9L/D10/D10N/D11/D11N
Forged ripper shank 10Y-84-50000 for SHANTUI SD13-3, 16Y-84-30000 for KAMATSU D60, Replacement Ripper Shank
23Y-89-00100 FOR D85, 154-78-14348 for D85-3, 24Y-89-30000 for D155, 175-78-21615 for D155-3
195-79-31141 for D355, 195-79-51151 for D375, as well as other ripper shanks for dozer models:
D275A-2, D275A-5, 275AX-5, D355A-3, D355A-1-5, D355C-3, D375A-1, D375A-3, D375A-5, D475
D9D, D9E, D9H, D9L, D9N, D9R, D9T, D10N, D10R, D11N, D11R, 973C, 973LGP, 977H, 977K, 977L, 983B

4, SANJIN GROUP started business with bucket teeth in 2008, with long time experience, HANRUI began with more high-end positioning for the excavator bucket teeth & dozer ripper teeth, which is professional applicate to Mining equipments, dragline, electric rope shovel, hydraulic excavator, hydraulic face shovel, cable shovel, drdge. Replacement Ripper Shank

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Caterpillar 9W6167 D9N Ripper Shank

CAT style D4 Ripper Nose 8E-7300, 8E7300

Komatsu Replacement Ripper Shanks

8E-7350 EXT CAT style D7 D6 Ripper Nose

SHANK AS-RIPPER Caterpillar 9W8366 9W-8366

9W6167 9W-6167 Shank A for CAT Model D9R

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