ESCO 25SRC excavator rock bucket teeth

ESCO 25SRC excavator rock bucket teeth

ESCO 25SRC excavator rock bucket teeth 25S-RC Excavators ESCO Bucket Teeth

18SRC,22SRC,25SRC NBSJ excavator bucket teeth–China bucket tooth factory manufacturer. We can also produce 18S, 22S, 30S, 35S/205-70-74272

China 25src / 20X-70-23161 Hitachi Ex100 Series Rock Chisel Bucket Tooth Point, Construction Machine Spare Part, Excavator and Loader Bucket …
25S 25SRC bucket teeth excavator spare parts,rock excavator bucket tooth,25S bucket tooth,casting bucket lip.
ESCO Bucket Tooth Supplier, China Manufacturer, ESCO Bucket Tooth, GET Spare Parts by NBSJ. … 25SRC Hitachi Ex100 Rock Chisel Digger Tooth Point.
A60 KOMATSU 1.5 PC60
20X‑70‑14160/A100 KOMATSU 22.2 PC100
202‑70‑12130 KOMATSU 4 PC120

Its principal target is to prevent cracks. To avoidthem, preheat and keep the area to be weld,between 140-180ºC. We recommend to use agas torch, and control temperature withtemperstilks or contact or radiationpyrometers.
Maximum Temperature and final check
During the welding process, do not go over250ºC, except the direct affected parts. Thebest method to keep the temperature withinthese limits, is to space each run. Whenfinishing the welding, it is essential to check thequality of the surface of the filler material andthe absence of defects. The surface of beadsmust be as flat and regular as possible. Grindthe irregularities, avoiding parallel grindinglines to the beads.
GMAW procedure (Gas Metal Arc Welding)
When it is done with gaseous protection, formoderate thickness and requirement welding,we recommend to use welding wire with solidthread. For high thickness and highrequirement welding, use welding wire oftubular thread (Flux-core)

Part NoABCDKGMachine Size
V33 SYL103103263108715-20 TonneV39 SYL1211142931229.520-30 TonneV43 SYL1281283231361335-40 TonneV51 SYL1401433481501645-50 TonneV59 SYL1561543501722055-60 TonneV61 SYL1521553801702565-70 Tonne
Adapters, Base Edges, Lip Protectors, Side Styles,Repair Noses and other Heat Treated, 400, 450 and500HB steel Items.
Before cutting off any existing componentry,it is recommended to heat up the area to approx 100°to avoid affecting the steel hardness when cutting it cold.

V51TL DRP ESCO Bucket Tooth Tiger Type

V81VX Esco style Mining Bucket Penetration Tooth

V61TL ESCO V61 Bucket Single Tiger Tooth

V81TL ESCO V81 Bucket Single Tiger Tooth

Esco V69VX Super V Single Tiger Bucket Tip

V13SYL Esco Style Super V Mini Excavator Skid Steer Tooth

Esco Bucket Chisel Tooth V13SYL with Pin & Lock

Esco Style Super V Dirt Bucket Tooth V13SYL V13-SYL

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