Esco Style V13 Double Leg Bucket Adapter Twistlock

Esco Style V13 Double Leg Bucket Adapter Twistlock

Esco Style V13 Double Leg Bucket Adapter Twistlock, Esco Style V13 Double Strap Bucket Adaptor, 1610T-V13 Super V Weld on Bucket Adapter Esco Style, ESCO 1610T-V13 V13syl V13tyl Super V Teeth Adapter

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V13 Double Strap Bucket Adaptor.
The V13 Double Strap Bucket Adaptor is for V13SYL Chisel and V13 Twin Tiger Bucket Teeth. This is a great bucket tooth system. There is no hole going through the adaptor therefore offering greater strength and less likelihood of breakage. The tooth design is not only efficient in its digging penetration but is designed to wear evenly and stay sharp, using the optimum amount of material in the tooth.
This Adaptor needs to be fitted with a V13 / 17 Bucket Pin from the rectangular pin hole at the top of the Bucket Tooth and Adaptor.

At eiengineering, we cast our own teeth and adaptors using moulds with much less tolerances.
Less tolerance means better fitment therefore:

reduces wear on the adaptors;
minimises the likelihood of teeth falling off;
reduces pin failure.
The alloys used in our casting process contain more chromium and nickel which deliver greater strength and wear resistance.

Super V Weld-On Bucket Adapter, 1610T-V13 Esco Bucket Tooth Adapter
Esco Style Super V Weld-on Adapter for a Series 13 Bucket Tooth, Takes a V13PN Flexible Pin
For Esco Super V Style 13 / 17 / 23 / 33 / 37 / 43 / 51 / 61 …
For Caterpillar Komatsu, Esco, Hensley, Jcb, H&L, Case, Bobcat, Bofors, Doosan, Fiat, John Deere, Kobelco, Fiat, New Holland, Hitachi, and so on.

Product information
Name: Weld-on adapter, esco bucket tooth adapter
Type: Flush Mount
Part Number: 1610T-V13
Family : V13 series
Adapter: V13SYL, V13VY, V13TYL
PIN: V13-V17PN
Process: Distribution of lost wax investment
Heat treatment is carried out to ensure the right hardness
Hardness: HRC48-52

3120934 PIN
E7615600S PIN
71470122 BUSHING
3075747 PIN
4417983 BUSHING
4382145 SPACER
71466095 PIN
26768-70232 PIN
8075916 PIN
4643728 BUSHING
4144512 SHIM
9137270 PIN
8075920 PIN
3039284 PIN
4381854 BUSHING
4401731 BUSHING
8056433 PIN
4401813 BUSHING V13 Bucket Adaptor
71464061 PIN
4345170 TRACK PIN
4469243 BUSHING
4114817 SHIM
4459227 BUSHING
E4010700S PIN
3035617 BUSHING
9561-12030 SEAL AS
4102191 O-RING
3104744 PIN
3033926 BUSHING
3075516 PIN
0174516 BUSHING
3075265 TRACK PIN
4193455 BUSHING
4622080 BUSHING
3037431 PIN
71467664 PIN
8083051 PIN V13 Bucket Adaptor
T130060 COVER
71401364 SHAFT AS
8085461 PIN
4472011 PIN
4067989 SPACER
8100950 PIN
4228349 BUSHING
26768-70262 PIN
4673866 BEARING
0725501 BEARING
8039138 PIN
4512417 TRACK PIN
4445635 SHIM
4071198 SEAL AS
4129735 BUSHING
E4012700S PIN
400204 BUSHING
4083972 SEAL DUST
1017728 BUSHING
3095404 PIN
FYD00000797 SHIM
71401301 BUSHING
3041392 PIN V13 Bucket Adaptor
26413-02031 BUSHING
8064931 PIN
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