Esco Style V13 Twin Strap Bucket Adaptor

Esco Style V13 Twin Strap Bucket Adaptor

Esco Style V13 Twin Strap Bucket Adaptor V13 Double Leg Bucket Adapter Twistlock, Esco Style V13 Double Strap Bucket Adaptor, 1610T-V13 Super V Weld on Bucket Adapter Esco Style, ESCO 1610T-V13 V13syl V13tyl Super V Teeth Adapter

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V13 Double Strap Bucket Adaptor.
The V13 Double Strap Bucket Adaptor is for V13SYL Chisel and V13 Twin Tiger Bucket Teeth. This is a great bucket tooth system. There is no hole going through the adaptor therefore offering greater strength and less likelihood of breakage. The tooth design is not only efficient in its digging penetration but is designed to wear evenly and stay sharp, using the optimum amount of material in the tooth.
This Adaptor needs to be fitted with a V13 / 17 Bucket Pin from the rectangular pin hole at the top of the Bucket Tooth and Adaptor.

At eiengineering, we cast our own teeth and adaptors using moulds with much less tolerances.
Less tolerance means better fitment therefore:

reduces wear on the adaptors;
minimises the likelihood of teeth falling off;
reduces pin failure.
The alloys used in our casting process contain more chromium and nickel which deliver greater strength and wear resistance.

Super V Weld-On Bucket Adapter, 1610T-V13 Esco Bucket Tooth Adapter
Esco Style Super V Weld-on Adapter for a Series 13 Bucket Tooth, Takes a V13PN Flexible Pin
For Esco Super V Style 13 / 17 / 23 / 33 / 37 / 43 / 51 / 61 …
For Caterpillar Komatsu, Esco, Hensley, Jcb, H&L, Case, Bobcat, Bofors, Doosan, Fiat, John Deere, Kobelco, Fiat, New Holland, Hitachi, and so on.

Product information
Name: Weld-on adapter, esco bucket tooth adapter
Type: Flush Mount
Part Number: 1610T-V13
Family : V13 series
Adapter: V13SYL, V13VY, V13TYL
PIN: V13-V17PN
Process: Distribution of lost wax investment
Heat treatment is carried out to ensure the right hardness
Hardness: HRC48-52

26436-12961 BUSHING
71463787 SPACER
3038443 PIN
3041200 PIN
3088753 PIN
4402460 BUSHING
4387719 BUSHING
3026127 PIN
4385292 BUSHING
9111030 PIN
4421175 BUSHING
3048360 PIN
26708-70272 PIN
4259301 SPACER
4377449 SHIM
3069518 PIN
4216210 BUSHING
4445241 BOSS
3058760 PIN
3038817 PIN
4075358 SHIM
26404-57161 RİNG
3078162 PIN
2180-1106BD24 SEAL AS
4199998 SHIM
4193452 BUSHING
4193453 BUSHING
4400649 BUSHING
4123023 BUSHING
4487429 PIN
4605518 PIN
4358100 BUSHING
SDA13015010 SEAL AS
4253957 BUSHING
0978007 SEAL AS
3026077 BUSHING
4347123 BUSHING
4358602 DUST SEAL
8016156 PIN
3039165 PIN
263G870101 PIN
T140380 SHIM
4381983 BUSHING
4296258 BEARING
9744911 PIN
3089156 PIN
26316-13141 SPACER
04201026 BUSHING
4258661 BUSHING
0978302 BUSHING
4143606 SHIM
3055219 PIN
4244836 BUSHING
4199977 SHIM
H96226 SHIM
4339873 PIN
4206993 SPACER
8104947 PIN
4470745 SHIM
26606-13351 SHIM
3084545 PIN
8072106 PIN
4638807 BUSHING
8063326 PIN
8084925 BUSHING
944689 BEARING
8068969 PIN
0645002 BUSHING
8096673 PIN
3079229 PIN
26418-72081 PIN
4263691 TRACK PIN
4244843 BUSHING
8273061 PIN
9561-08010 SEAL AS
4196105 BUSHING
3060580 BUSHING
71430424 PIN

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