Esco Super V Teeth for Loaders

Esco Super V Teeth for Loaders

Esco Super V Teeth for Loaders


TYL is a two-way tooth, with Y-shaped rib and a long tip. It is used for adherence to level ground (without furrows) in standard applications. The upper part can be rotated downwards for a more energetic digging.
The non-symmetrical shape is ideal to replace the long CAT tooth.


AD is a Delta-shaped FEL tooth for extremely abrasive applications requiring the maximum penetration. It is an optimum choice for quarry work.


Robust shape, specifically designed to be used on a quarry Loadmaster. The wide wear shoe guarantees an even quarry floor and long wear (only available in size V43).


AR is a FEL tooth for Rocky and highly Abrasive applications. It offers added wear metal for a longer life and better costeffectiveness.
The ARL version is available in various sizes.


AG is a General Abrasion tooth, with a wide base to guarantee maximum strength in heavy-duty applications. Its slender contours offer very good penetration.


ARH has been specifically developed for abrasive applications such as the handling of Hot Slag. ARH has a sturdy base, thicker ear flaps and a thicker cavity wall for better adherence to the nose even in the most demanding applications. It can be used in a range of applications, apart from the handling of hot slag, requiring a higher amount of wear metal.


CE means Continuous Edge. The cavity of the tooth does not have a screw shape, so that it can be mounted without being rotated over the nose and so that a blade can be welded on to it resulting in a continuous edge bucket suitable to clear-up open spaces, flatten the ground and dig evenly.

Esco Super V Teeth for Loaders

8837-V43 Super V Loader Fushmount Adapter

V69AG Super V Series Twist On Loader Bucket Teeth

V71ADB FT710RPHD Heavy-Duty Esco Loader Point Tooth

V69ADHL Loader Rock Penetration Tooth Point

Esco V61AG Super V61 Bucket Tooth for Loaders

V51AR Heavy Abrasion Rock Point for Loader Buckets

1836-V39 Super V Loader Adapter

833-V17 ESCO Adapter For Backhoe Loaders, Mini Excavators

Esco Loader Two Strap Adaptor 8814-V51, V51-8814

V19TF Super V Backhoe Loader Teeth

Esco V17TYL Super V Tooth For Backhoe Loader

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