Ground Engaging Bucket Teeth

Ground Engaging Bucket Teeth

Ground Engaging Bucket Teeth

Find Quality Ground Engaging Bucket Teeth at NBSJ Bucket Tooth

To ensure that your ground engaging machines are offering the ultimate return on your investment, you must ensure that you are making use of the correct ground engaging tool for your bucket. By making use of the right bucket teeth, you can protect the actual bucket of your equipment and lengthen overall lifespan of the machine, while reducing maintenance costs and efforts.

With the right ground engaging bucket tooth, you can expect exceptional results with specific projects. While you will be provided with teeth for your bucket when you first purchase your ground engaging and excavation equipment, these will need to be replaced during the machine’s lifespan.

While each brand and model of excavator or ground engaging machinery is different and comes with its own selection of bucket teeth, the following are typical and standard options available on the market:

• Long bucket teeth – these are used for most general excavation projects. They are considered the “all-rounder” of bucket teeth.

• Wide bucket teeth – these work efficiently, being able to clear a wide floor area with minimal spillage.

• Heavy duty long teeth – these offer greater strength and an impressive wear life. They are typically used for general excavation projects on large machines.

• Short bucket teeth – these are ideal for use when working with rock. They are extremely strong and make high-impact pry-out work simple.

• Heavy duty abrasion bucket teeth – these are used for sand and gravel.

• Penetration bucket teeth – these are typically self-sharpening and used for breaking up densely compacted material.

How ground engaging bucket tooth are manufactured will typically determine just how durable and long lasting they are. On today’s market, 3 main manufacturing processes are used for creating various types of bucket teeth. These are:

1. Forged
2. Fabricated
3. Cast

Each of these processes is designed to create strong and long-lasting bucket teeth, but it’s always best to check with suppliers about which versions are able to handle the specific task that you have at hand. By design, bucket teeth are designed to be wear resistant, but this doesn’t mean that they will never need replacing. It is important to have a maintenance schedule in place to ensure that the condition and longevity of the bucket teeth is always known and understood. Leaving the replacement of worn ground engaging bucket teeth for too long can result in damage to the shaft, which translates to very expensive repairs in the future.

It is essential that you take the time to invest in top-quality ground engaging bucket teeth. The initial spend will certainly be worth it in the long run. In fact; the greater the quality of the ground engaging equipment, the longer the expected lifespan is.

If you are shopping around for the best quality ground engaging bucket teeth, take the time to get in touch with us at NBSJ Bucket Tooth Supplies. We are available to discuss your needs via email or telephone, and encourage you to get in touch with us today.

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