Ground Engaging Tools for Your Motor Grader

Ground Engaging Tools for Your Motor Grader

Ground Engaging Tools for Your Motor Grader

Move Mountains with Motor Grader Ground Engaging Tools
At first glance, motor graders appear to be one-dimensional machines. But thanks to a wide range of Cat® ground engaging tools (GET), they can work effectively in many different applications, from grading and edging to ripping and scraping.

Ground engaging tools (GET) are great for enhancing motor grader production and keeping operating costs to a minimum. Luckily, Caterpillar has the right GET to help you do just that.

The ground engaging tools catalog (motor grader GET found on pages 25-46) has details on the full lineup of GET that you can order from your Cat® dealer. The most basic ones are designed to improve moldboard cutting edge productivity. Three factors to consider in choosing a cutting edge are shape, width and thickness.

Watch this video for a quick rundown on how to choose and repair GET.

Moldboard Cutting Edges

There are two basic cutting-edge shapes: flat and curved. Both can be spec’d with serrated edges.


Ideal for heavy road maintenance and pioneering

Offer maximum strength and available wear material

Best option for abrasion and impact resistance

Flat serrated

Give better penetration than a continuous edge

Designed to penetrate packed gravel, frozen earth and ice

Good choice for severe impact conditions


Provide superior penetration and rolling action necessary for fine grading and finish work

Offer finishing tolerances less than ¼ inch (6 mm); the best value may be in selecting a narrow and thin cutting edge

Curved serrated

Penetrate better than a straight serrated edge with a forward moldboard

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Edges

Combine through-hardened steel with the wear resistance of tungsten carbide which help extend cutting edge life in harsh ground conditions

Provide up to 20 times the life of a standard through-hardened edge when used in high-abrasion, low-impact applications

Less downtime and lower hardware costs due to fewer edge changes

Continuous row of patented carbide tile-shape for optimal ground penetration and blade protection

Other options and benefits:

Flat edges

Maximum strength and available wear material

Longest wearing edge available in high abrasion and low impact

Curved edges

Improved penetration and rolling action

Leading edge with trapezoid-shaped tungsten carbide tile which stays sharp as it wears

Shorter edge sections that speed rotation and reduce “throw-away” due to edge crowning

Serrated edges

Better penetration than a continuous edge

No cast angle restrictions

Specialized Bits for Specialized Applications

Another option is Cat carbide insert edges, which offer long wear life in higher speed applications like state/county road snow removal.

A rotating bit system outperforms steel blades in high-production road reconditioning applications. Rotating bits:

Deliver more production and less waste since graded material is brought to the surface for reuse, reducing the expense of spreading new gravel

Have no cast iron angle restrictions

Are easy to install and maintain because bits can be changed individually without the need for any special tools

Rotating scarifier bits are made for applications such as dirt and gravel reclamation, oil road reclamation and snow and ice removal. They are self-sharpening for more uniform wear and long life.

Scarifier and Ripper Systems

Additionally, Cat scarifier and ripper systems on motor graders can be used to improve road surfaces by lifting material from compacted and worn areas or by removing the “crowning” that causes excessive wear on cutting edges.

Rippers and scarifiers loosen material to reduce grading time and fill voids while saving on edge wear. They extend grade versatility by reducing the need for dozer ripping or cutting bit systems.

Centerline ripper tips have equal wear material on both sides and can be reversed, which can extend the life and help maintain sharpness.

Penetration ripper tips have an aggressive angle to break through even the hardest surfaces and dig into the ground more effectively.

Penetration-sharp tips are an intermediate length. They come factory sharpened to ensure maximum penetration.

CAT Style Motor Grader Interchangeable Ripper

Multi-shank Grader Ripper fit CAT 160M 140M 12M

Motor Grader Scarifier Ripper Fits 12H/12G 140H/140G 160H/160G 120H/120G 135H/135G

Cat Motor Grader Ripper 12G/H/K, 130G, 140G/H/K, 160H

Grader Multishank Ripper fits CAT 120H 120G 135H

4T2244, 4T-2244 Motor Grader Centre Blade Alloy Boron Steel

Cat Motor Grader Rippers

14H, 14M Caterpillar Motorgrader Ripper

Grader Multishank Ripper fits CAT 120H 120G 135H

Motor Grader Ripper for Caterpillar 120H 120G 135H

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