Ground Engaging Tools & Wear Parts

Ground Engaging Tools & Wear Parts

Ground Engaging Tools & Wear Parts

Excavator & Wheel Loader Buckets

Choose from a series of excavator and wheel loader buckets that are designed and built with the features you need to handle a wide range of materials and applications.

Edges & Blades

View an extensive line of blades for dozers, graders and wheel loaders, available for most manufacturers. Our blades are competitively priced and meet or exceed industry standards for durability and wear life.

Lip Systems & Shrouds

Gain a competitive advantage with Bladeand plate lip technology. These proven G.E.T. lip systems will help maximize productivity and protect against unnecessary wear during your next construction application.

Tooth Systems

From the most challenging mine conditions to light-duty dirt jobs, our tooth systems provide extreme strength, durability, productivity and performance for all your mining & construction needs.

Specialized Wear Parts

Specially designed to fit high-wear areas for extra protection, a variety of extensive wear parts options help reduce maintenance and downtime of your mining equipment. Learn more about our bolt-on wear runners, bolt-on end caps and bolt-on segments, edges and top covers.

Bimetallic Wear Products

Hensley Bimetallic Wear Resistant Products are designed to protect your equipment from impact and high abrasion, reduce your maintenance costs, and keep your machines and attachments running for longer periods of time. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these products are easily installed, and can be cut or bent prior to welding to provide customized protection for areas of high wear.
These products feature a high chromium white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate. The white iron has a hardness of at least 700 Brinell and provides incredible abrasion resistance while the mild steel backing plate is easily weldable with minimal preparation.

is cold formable with the proper equipment and material preparation. The material toughness allows it to be rolled or formed for almost any application.

Pins & Bushings

Providing you with quality pins and bushings that surpass all expectations. We work with our customers and manufacturers to ensure that the pins and bushings are field-tested and meet the diverse application needs.

Need a custom modification? works with our business partners to provide customer-specific changes.

Truck Bed Liners

In mining applications, all equipment is subjected to rigorous amounts of wear and abrasion. partners with manufacturers that offer application-specific solutions to the problem of impact and abrasion by providing wear solutions that can withstand the worst that abrasion has to offer.

KOMATSU Tooth Systems

Komatsu Bulldozer Ripper Points Fit D60E D61E D61EX D61EXI

Crawler Loader Bucket Tip 141-78-11253

195-78-71320 KOMATSU Bulldozer D375 Ripper Tooth

131-78-31190 Komatsu style Ripper Bucket Tooth

Komatsu D375A Bulldozer Ripper Point Short 195-78-71370

195-78-71320, 1957871320 Komatsu Ripper Boots

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