HB500 Steel Grade for Welded Constructions

HB500 Steel Grade for Welded Constructions

HB500 Steel Grade for Welded Constructions

HB500 is the optimal steel grade for welded constructions with tough wear like edges, bars and flat wear plates in excavator buckets, wheel loader buckets, truck bodies, crushers and other applications with high wear. HB500 gives maximum wear resistance with good weldability and competetive price level. HB500 is a boron-alloyed steel heat-treated by quenching.

Chemical Composition
 C %Si % Mn % P % S % Cr % B % 



Mechanical Properties

 Brinell (HBW)
 Impact toughness
 Yield Strength
Re N/mm2
 Tensile strength
Rm N/mm2
A5 %
475 +/-5%  25-35 (+20 C)
15-25 (-20 C)
 1200 1600 6
Gas Cutting
Use working temperature* 100-150 degr C (to avoid cracks and hardness loss.) *Working temp: approx 75 mm from the cut surface.
Heat sensitivity
Hardness retained up to approx 250 degr C, above that the hardness decreases.
Welding procedure
Always clean and preheat the surfaces before welding to reduce moisture. The steel change structure and lose yield strength in the heat affected zone. A too narrow heat affected zone can crack, a wider zone reduce that risk. The heat affect the steel structure and tensile strength above 250 degr C.
From material 20 mm and up always preheat the material to ensure a good working temperature.
Preheat by thickness (approx rec)
Material T [mm] 20 3040 50 
 Preheat degr C 150 175200  225
Welding filler material 
Examples by make, always consult your supplier of welding filler material for specific recommendations for your specific needs.
Make Welding electrode MAG Wire MAG Tube
 EsabOK 48.00
OK 74.78
OK Autorod 12.51
OK Autorod 13.09 
 OK Tubrod 15.17
 SAFSafer ND65 Nertalic SAFDUAL 100 
 ELGP70 Elgamatic 140 DWA 55E 
Böhler  Fox BVD90Nil-IG Kb52 – FD 
Orlikon  Tenacito 65 Carbofil NilFluxofil 40 

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