How to Buy Bucket Teeth, Now Tell You!

How to Buy Bucket Teeth, Now Tell You!

How to Buy Bucket Teeth, Now Tell You!

The last article talked about the method of maintaining bucket teeth, so that he can use them for a longer time. But the bucket tooth is a wearing part after all, maintenance prolongs its life, and we still have to replace it with a new bucket tooth at a certain time.

This article will talk about how to buy bucket teeth.

Choose the right tooth type

Different types of bucket teeth are selected according to the soil conditions and operation content of the construction site. If the selection is appropriate, the operation can be carried out efficiently and continuously, and the downtime can be reduced.

Classification of bucket teeth

1. Rock teeth

It is used for ore loading after blasting of ore and quarry, etc. It has better excavation performance and more economical efficiency.

2. Earth square teeth

It is used in light working environments such as digging dirt, sand and gravel. Generally, the earthwork tooth is matched with a bucket with a large mouth area, which has a large stacking surface, so it has a high filling factor, saves operating time and has high efficiency.

3. Tapered teeth

It is used for the mining of coal mines and ground mines. It is mainly suitable for drilling rock formations with low hardness and has a large impact.

Choose bucket teeth produced by regular manufacturers

No accessories, no good equipment. Inferior-quality bucket teeth not only fail to achieve the expected effect, but also make the replacement of bucket teeth more frequent and delay the construction period.

Buying bucket teeth is definitely not as simple as paying with one hand and delivering with the other.

Once selected, there is a quality guarantee for the completion of the excavator, bucket, and engineering work. If you choose the wrong one and the light is cheap, then it is understandable that the use time is short and easy to break!


Pay attention to the purchase of bucket teeth, recognize the demand and pay attention to quality, do not be greedy for cheap and do not follow the trend.

D94019 PIN
7362178 SEAL   Case Style Bucket Wrap Around Adapter 2740-AW-23, 7703990, 7704805
F5428764 BUSHING
G1827678 PIN
PM02B01322P3 PIN   CASE BACKHOE ADAPTER D48035, D136811, D91886
160739A1 PIN
8914028 PIN    CASE BACKHOE BUCKET ADAPTER 2740AW23, R500568, L43266
PM51B01012P2 PIN
286121A1 PIN   CASE LOADER BACKHOE ADAPTER 7704805, 7704806, B91262
P5728771 BUSHING
6828522270 PIN
U2430980 PIN    CASE TRACTOR LOADER ADAPTER 7704302, 7704302DS, 2740-AW23
D49812 PIN
72270769 SPACER
168234A1 BUSHING   Case H&L 23 Series Bucket Adapter 834-23, 7704803
D67357 PIN
200212A1 BUSHING
8917557 PIN    Case New Holland Ford Bucket Adapter 7700626, 833-18
D50696 PIN
217697A1 BUSHING    New Holland / Case Flush Mount Adapter 12L5DW8-2A, 2L5DW-8-2A
P1528633 BUSHING
6005293M2 BUSHING   Ford New Holland Dirt Bucket Tooth D3NN302C, 230
201506A1 BUSHING
N3430945 PIN    Kubota Hardware Bolt Washer 76550-34390


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