How to Maintain Your UNDERCARRIAGE PARTS ?



Undercarriage parts have a huge effect on working performance and walking performance of excavators. Maintenance is a key to the walking speed of excavator. How to maintain your “undercarriage parts”? There are some tips as following.

1. Carrier Roller is above the track frame. The function is to carry and keep the track moving in a straight line. If Carrier Roller has a breakdown, Track Link will not work properly. Carrier Roller is added lubricating oil at once. If oil spills occur, you will have to replace this part. Therefore, you should keep the track frame clean. Don’t let the accumulation of dirt and gravel hamper its work.

2. Front Idler is in the front of the track frame. The function is to prop the track up and guide the track to wind correctly. Besides, Front Idler and Track Adjuster work together to maintain a certain degree of tension on the track. So during working and walking, should keep Front Idler running ahead, which can avoid the wear of the track. Meanwhile, Track Adjuster can reduce the vibration and shedding of the track during walking.

3. Sprocket is in the back of the track frame. Because it is fixed on the track frame, it has no shock absorption function. If sprocket moves forward, it will not only cause the abnormal wear of Sprocket and the track, but also have adverse effects on the track frame. The track frame may have early cracking.

4. During working, Track Roller can’t be immersed in mud for a long time. After working, should support the track on one side. Then, Drive walking motor to get rid of dirt and gravel. In winter, should keep Track Roller dry because there is a floating seal between the outer roller of Track Roller and the shaft. If there is water, it will freeze at night. When the excavator is walking the next day, the floating seal is in contact with the ice to cause the oil spill. When Track roller is damaged, it can cause many faults, such as walking deviation, walking weakness and so on.

5. The track motor guard can protect the motor. However, the dirt and gravel also can enter the interior, which makes the oil tube of the motor wear out. Moisture in the dirt will corrode the joint of the oil tube, so regularly open the guard and clean up the dirt inside.

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