IRON sand casting


NBSJ has established our quality management policy strictly following the ISO 9001 standard in the cast iron foundry. We require every step of the order execution to be managed and controlled according to this policy to provide customers consistent quality products and services.

casting part inspection
Our quality management policy includes the following aspects.

Molten metal composition analysis before each casting;
Sample quality inspection, including dimensions, chemical composition, and mechanical properties;
Mass production casting procedure monitoring;
Quality inspection after mass production;
Packaging and transportation inspection;

All tests must have traceable inspection reports on file.
Ductile iron, Grey iron, and Malleable cast iron in sand casting
In a cast iron foundry, ductile iron, malleable iron, and grey iron are the most commonly used materials. In these three types of cast iron, the element carbon exists in graphite but differ in forms.

Ductile Iron
The graphite of ductile iron exits in nodular form after spheroidization and breeding treatment during the casting process. And this improves the mechanical properties of the cast iron, especially in plasticity and ductility. And the strength of ductile iron is close to steel, and even some ductile iron gets higher strength than steel.

Grey Iron
The graphite of grey cast iron is in flake form, so the effective bearing area is relatively smaller. And this is why grey iron has lower strength, plasticity, and ductility than other cast iron. But grey iron has better anti-vibration property, higher wear resistance, and good machining performance after heat treatment.

Malleable cast iron
Malleable iron is a high-strength cast iron made by graphitizing and annealing white cast iron. The graphite exists in floc form, and it makes malleable iron have better mechanical properties. And because malleable iron has similar plasticity and ductility as steel, it is also known as Malleable Steel.

With our specialty in metal parts production, we have been serving many customers engaged in different industries like Home Appliances, Construction, Automobiles, Heavy Equipment, etc.

Based on more than 20 years of practice, and overall technical support from our rich-experienced engineering team, NBSJ can supply customers with the most optimal solution to choose the right iron casting process and material, that averagely saved 10% cost for their project. Meanwhile, due to our service team’s quick response, we are always there any time when you need us, standing together with the customer and saving time for both of us.

Benefits of NBSJ cast iron foundry include:

1. Our production facilities have automated sand feeding systems, automatic core making lines, cope-and-drag pattern production lines, electric induction furnaces up to 2T, and testing instruments including molten iron chemical composition analyzer and spectrometer, and metallographic microscopes.

2. NBSJ can manufacture castings made of all ductile iron, grey iron, and malleable steel grades. And from ounces to tons, we can meet all your requirements, from prototyping to mass production.

3. A technology supporting team that includes both hands-on production engineers coming from the workshop and professional design engineers from modern universities;

4. In addition to sand casting production lines, NBSJ also has other casting processes, including precision lost wax investment casting, lost foam sand casting, pre-coated sand mold casting, and die casting. And NBSJ also supplies other metal part production lines such as sheet metal stamping, drop forging, CNC machining, Welding, and surface treatment to meet customers’ demands for one-stop service of manufacturing the whole set of their products.

CASE / New Holland (CNH) Bucket Teeth

CAT style J700 5130 MINING EXCAVATOR Tooth 4T4709

X290 Hensley Style Dirt Bucket Tooth

6Y2553 Cat J550 Tip Heavy Duty Abrasion Bucket Teeth

Caterpillar E200 Excavator J300 Bucket Tooth 9J4309, 9J-4309

9W1553RP 138-6552 Heavy Duty Rock Bucket Teeth for Loaders J550

135-9600, 1359600 CAT J600 Loader Tooth Heavy Duty

China Kobelco SK200 Bucket Adaptor

SK200 Kobelco YS35 Tooth Standard STD Tips

Kobelco Loader Tooth Point LQ61B1003S001 AF02

Kobelco SK60RC Tooth Digger Rock Point

BF02P Bucket Tooth for Kobelco SK200 Excavator

SK350 Kobelco Excavator General Purpose Tooth

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