Komatsu Wheel Loader Cutting Edges

Komatsu Wheel Loader Cutting Edges

Komatsu Wheel Loader Cutting Edges

More cutting edge available to order
421-838-1110 EDGE,SIDE 424-70-12220 EDGE (WELDED) 419-S72-1171 EDGE,CENTER
FRONT, WA250, WA300, WA320, WA350, WA380, WA380Z, WA400, WA420, WA430, WA450, WA470, WA480 538, FRONT, WA350, WA380, WA380Z, WA400 WA300, WA320, WA350, WA380
419-S72-1141 EDGE 419-S72-1280 EDGE,(SERVICE PARTS) (WELDED) 424-822-1310 EDGE (WELDED)
WA200, WA250, WA300, WA350, WA380 WA200, WA250, WA300, WA350, WA380 WA400
424-815-1110 EDGE,CENTER 424-70-12121 EDGE,2925MM (WELDED) 425-809-1121 EDGE (WELDED)
WA400 WA400 558, WA500
144-Z03-1120 EDGE 417-815-1210 EDGE,CENTER 125-70-21520 EDGE ASS’Y,CUTTING (WELDED)
D75A 518, WA180, WA180L, WA180PT, WA200, WA250 D45S
41E-70-15221 EDGE,CUTTING CENTER 235-70-12320 EDGE 418-823-1320 EDGE,SIDE
WD600 GD825A WA100, WA100SS, WA100SSS, WA120, WA150, WA180, WA200, WR11, WR11SS
233-870-6552 EDGE 11K-70-32120 EDGE (WELDED) 423-904-1131 EDGE,SIDE
GD405A D31Q, D31S WA200, WA250, WA300, WA320, WA350, WA380, WA400, WA430

We could supply the following spare parts

1 Hydraulic parts: hydraulic pump, main valve, hydraulic cylinder, final drive, travel motor, swing machinery, swing motor etc.

2 Engine parts: engine ass’y, piston, piston ring, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, turbocharger, fuel injection pump, starting motor and alternator etc.

3 Undercarriage part: Track roller, Carrier roller, Track Link, Track shoe, Sprocket, Idler and Idler cushion etc.

4 Cab parts: operator’s cab, wiring harness, monitor, controller, seat, door etc.

5 Cooling parts: Radiator, air conditioner, compressor, after cooler etc.

6 Other parts: Service kit, swing circle, engine hood, swing joint, fuel tank, filter, boom, arm, bucket etc.

Parts Diagram
424-815-1111 Komatsu WA350 WA380 WA400 WA430 Wheel Loader Cutting Edge 0

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
1 424-815-1111 [1] Edge, L=1748mm,Center Komatsu 132.9 kg.
[“SN: 65949-UP”] analogs:[“4248151110”, “4248151111W”, “424815A140”]
2 424-815-1131 [2] Edge, L=575mm,Side Komatsu 43 kg.
[“SN: 65949-UP”] analogs:[“4248151131W”]
3 02090-11485 [14] Bolt Komatsu China 0.301 kg.
[“SN: 65949-UP”]
4 02290-11422 [14] Nut Komatsu China 0.128 kg.
[“SN: 65949-UP”] analogs:[“0921812219”]
5 01643-32260 [14] Washer Komatsu China 0.042 kg.
[“SN: 65949-UP”]


1. We offer a 3-month warranty from the date of issue

2. We have advanced technology 100% testing before delivery

3. We have a professional team to provide you with professional excellent service

4. Safe packaging to protect goods, such as wooden boxes, iron plates for our parts

5. We can provide you with second-hand and new, high-quality Chinese parts

6. Fast delivery and low price

Packing and Shipping

Packing Details :

inner packing : plastic film for wrapping

external packing : wooden case

Shipping :

within 3 days after received the payment , by air or by express or by sea on the basis of the

quantity and emergency circumstances.

1) International Express: Such as DHL,TNT, FEDEX and so on.

2) Air transportation: For goods above 45KG, it is economic choice for customers.

3)By sea: Heavy cargo by container transport.

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