Linking the choice of bucket teeth to the environment

Linking the choice of bucket teeth to the environment

Linking the choice of bucket teeth to the environment

We choose different bucket teeth for different operations, so how can we choose the right bucket teeth to help us work better?

1. Dredging work and plane repair of rivers and ditches, general light excavation environments such as clay excavation and loading of sand, soil, gravel, etc., require high operating efficiency. Generally, standard excavators can be used. Introduction to standard buckets: materials Generally, 16Mn, standard plate thickness and domestic high-quality bucket tooth seat are selected. choice of bucket teeth to the environment

2. Excavator reinforced buckets should be selected for construction occasions such as digging hard soil, soil mixed with soft stones, and loess stones. Introduction of reinforced buckets: General selection of material 16Mn + Nm360, thickened plate, domestic high-quality bucket seat ,Extended service life.

3. For excavation of gravel, gravel, soil mixed with hard rock blocks, sub-hard rock, weathered rock and other heavy-duty operation occasions, the construction environment of the excavator should be an excavator gravel bucket. Generally, NM360 is used, and the tooth seat plate and the side blade plate are made of domestic wear-resistant plates.The domestic high-quality bucket teeth seat has wear resistance and bending resistance.

4.The construction environment of heavy rock, blasting ore loading, etc. must be an excavator rock type bucket. choice of bucket teeth to the environment

The above is the selection environment of various bucket teeth. If you have any questions, please contact us for consultation.


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