Manufacturing of Bucket Knives Cutting Edges

Manufacturing of Bucket Knives Cutting Edges

Manufacturing of Bucket Knives Cutting Edges

Bucket knife – a cutting alternative to the bucket teeth of an excavator, loader .
The most common use for cutting blades is in dozer blade mounting .
The knife is attached to the bottom of the blade to prevent wear. The cutting knife system consists of several parts, the central part, the middle knife and the side part, the side knife .
The most common way to fasten knives are bolts with nuts, which allows you to easily replace them when worn.

NBSJ company supplies, manufactures knives and cutting edges for loaders and bulldozers: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Doosan, JCB, etc.

The cutting edge of the bucket is the part of the bucket that is subject to the greatest wear.
When performing soil development operations, there is resistance to the cutting edge of the bucket, there is a friction force of the knife on the ground.
With the abrasive properties of the soil acting on the bucket, it leads to the abrasion of the steel of the cutting edge, which leads to the repair or replacement of the bucket.
The most common and rational way to repair a bucket is to replace the cutting edge .

NBSJ below presents a calculator for calculating the cost of manufacturing a cutting edge according to your dimensions.

Cutting Edge Cost Calculator by Dimension
excavators Excavators
Drilling rigs
handlers Skid steer loaders
Plate compactors Vibratory
Seam cutters Power
Spare parts
Bucket teeth

custom made excavator teeth bucket tooth adaptor tooth point

1. Bucket Teeth Material Available: Alloy steel(high Manganese steel, high Chromium steel, etc)

2. Moulding processing Available: Precision Casting/Wax Losting Casting

3. The bucket teeth are under Quenching and tempering treatment. Our bucket teeth have good physical Performance and can be used for a long time.

4. The whole process from casting to heat treatment is strictly inspected by our professional workers to ensure the quality. The hardness of our Bucket Teeth & Adapters are up to HRC48-52, with excellent elongation and tensile strength, so very suitable for many different hard working conditions.

5. Our products are being exported throughout the world. Our sales volume increasingly grows and our products have gained many customers’ recognition for high quality. We exporte to North- America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle- East, Asian areas and countries.

6. Technical infomation: pls check the bottom of the table.

357-2697 Blade Type Right Hand Bolt on Sidecutter

CAT 357-2696 Excavator Bucket Sidecutter

HITACHI EX33MU EX25 Mini Excavator Side Cutter 3056344 3056345

096-4748 CAT J350 Side Cutter for E200B Buckets

Bolt on Bucket Guard Sidecutter 357-2697 3572697

8J9825 8J9826 CAT Sidecutters fits Excavator 349E, 350, 365B L, 375


4 Bolt Sidecutter CAT Part 232-2147, 2322147

112-2487, 1122487 CAT325 Side Cutter 4-Bolts

7Y0358 Left Hand CAT Excavator Sidecutter for E330 E329

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