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NBSJ offers drop forging production and supplies custom metal parts made through the open & closed(impression) die forging processes.
Forging is a manufacturing process to form the metal parts into the desired shape. And for detailed information about the metal forging process, we can click the link to refer to Wikipedia. Among the diverse forging processes, drop forging is a critical method, and it belongs to hot forging scopes. And there are two types of drop forging processes, open die forging and closed die forging(impression die forging). As a matter of fact, each operation works widely in the actual production. And both these two drop forging methods are commonly applied in a series production procedure.

NBSJ started drop forging production in the 1990s’. Both open die and closed die forgings are available in our workshop, and we make the dies by ourselves with our CNC machining equipment. Furthermore, we equipped the forging factory with advanced testing instruments, such as hardness tester, spectrometer, and metallographic microscope, to guarantee the casting metal’s grade and mechanical properties.

illustration – open-die drop forging
And in our factory, the materials used for the drop forging processes include carbon steels, alloyed steels, and stainless steels. And most of our die-forged products are widely applied in many fields, such as construction hardware, construction & agriculture machinery, automotive, industrial equipment, mining machinery, etc.

If you have a metal part that needs to be customized, either for prototype or mass production, contact us immediately to get a quote.

Why choose NBSJ as a partner for your metal products?

Based on more than 20 years of practice, and overall technical support from our rich-experienced engineering team, NBSJ can supply customers with the most optimal solution to choose the right manufacturing process and material, which expects to save a 10% cost for the project. Meanwhile, based on our service team’s quick response, we are always there whenever you need us, saving time for both of us.

Benefits of NBSJ ’s metal forging factory include:
Our production facilities are equipped with testing instruments, including hardness tester, spectrometer, and metallographic microscopes.
NBSJcan manufacture forgings made of most steel alloys. We can meet your requirements from prototyping to mass production.
A technology supporting team that includes both hands-on production engineers coming from the workshop and professional design engineers from modern universities;
In addition to the drop forging production lines, NBSJ also has other metal manufacturing processes, such as sheet metal stamping, metal casting, CNC machining, Welding, and surface treatment. And that’s why we can meet customers’ demands for a one-stop service of manufacturing a whole set of their products.

SK200R 5 Holes Kobelco Bucket Sidecutter Right Hand

7T3403RP, 7T-3403RP Caterpillar J400 Teeth HD Tips

CAT J460 HD PENETRATION TOOTH 1386451, 138-6451

SK200 Kobelco Teeth Replacement Parts YS35TL YS35RC YS35

5 Holes SK200 Kobelco Standard Side Cutter Left Hand

SK200 YN69B00008F1 Excavator Bucket Teeth In Stock

Durable Precise BF02P Bucket Teeth for Kobelco SK200


Caterpillar J700 Spare Part Bucket Tooth 4T4709

9N4253 CAT J250 HD Abrasion Side Pin Bucket Teeth

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