Metal Products Served as Heavy Equipment Parts and Mining Spare Parts

Metal Products Served as Heavy Equipment Parts and Mining Spare Parts

Metal Products Served as Heavy Equipment Parts and Mining Spare Parts

As a custom metal parts mass-production, BUCKET TEETH ADAPTERS supplier, NBSJ insists on developing our advantages on fabrication capabilities and quality management, which keeps us standing out in the fierce competition. And our products are being served in more and more industries, and you can find the specific products down below used for heavy equipment parts and mining spare parts.

Why choose NBSJ as your heavy equipment parts and mining spare parts manufacturer?
Based on more than 20 years of practice, and overall technical support from our rich-experienced engineering team, NBSJ can provide customers with the most optimal solution to choose the proper manufacturing process and material, which expects to save a more-than-10% cost for the production of heavy equipment parts and mining spare parts. Meanwhile, based on the service team’s quick response, we are always there whenever you need us, saving time for both of us.

As a heavy equipment parts and mining spare parts manufacturer in China, NBSJ ’s unique advantages include:
1. High quality – Strictly according to the quality management policy, we have built up a perfect quality control system from inspection to final delivery of the products.
2. Availability of diverse materials – NBSJ has a supplier management system that can always pick up the optimum provider for different materials. And we can meet the requirements from prototyping to mass production.
3. Combination of experience and advanced technology – A technology supporting team that includes both hands-on production engineers coming from the workshop and professional design engineers from modern universities;
4. One-stop manufacturing services – NBSJ has complete heavy equipment parts and metal mining spare parts manufacturing processes, including sheet metal stamping, metal casting, drop forging, CNC Machining, Powder Metallurgy, Welding, and surface treatment. And that’s why we can meet customers’ demands for a one-stop service of manufacturing a whole set of their products.

Quality Control Policy FOR Spare Parts Manufacturing
NBSJ has established our quality management system strictly following the ISO 9001 standard during the production and services for heavy equipment parts and mining spare parts. And we require every step of the order execution to be managed and controlled, providing customers with consistent quality products and services.

Our quality management policy includes the following aspects but not only.

Raw metal chemical composition inspection;
Sample quality inspection, including dimensions, chemical composition, and mechanical properties;
Mass production procedures monitoring;
Quality inspection after mass production;
Packaging and transportation inspection;
All tests must have traceable inspection reports on file.
Win-Win Cooperation with Clients of Heavy Equipment Parts and Mining Spare Parts
With our specialty in metal parts production, we have been serving many customers engaged in different industries like Home Appliances, Construction Machinery, Heavy Equipment Parts, Industrial Machinery, Building Hardware, Furniture Hardware, etc.

CAT 9N4453 J460 Abrasion Tooth Tips


Heavy Duty Rock J700 Loader Tooth Tip 135-9700 1359700


Rock Penetration Bucket Tip HD for Wheel Loader 9W1453RP, 138-6451, 9N4453HD

J550 CAT style Loader Tooth 1386552, 9W1553RP2 / RP3

SK200RC / AF02RC / BF02RC Kobelco Rock Tooth

IMP123-14RH Kubota Monoblock Teeth

Case H&L JD 2740-23 Adapter Weld On Shank

2412N298D21 SK200 Four Holes Excavator Bucket Side Cutter

CAT 1U3209 Rock Penetration Tip Bucket Teeth

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