Motor Grader Attachments

Motor Grader Attachments

Motor Grader Attachments

Grader Blades – Curved and Flat

All SJ Motor Grader Blades are locally manufactured
Rolled boron heat treated blades
Through hardened to approximately 480 Brinell
Curved section supplied in 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 30mm – 203mm wide
Curved section – 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft
Flat section – 4ft, 7ft and 8ft, 1” thick – 250mm wide. Guaranteed reliability, toughness and durability
Moldboard Overlays and End Bits

These have been specifically designed and manufactured to prevent excessive wear to the ends of the cutting edge. Product is heat treated to efficiently reduce wear and enhance strength. Available for all motor graders with a full range of high tensile grade 12 plow bolts and nuts supplied.

Motor Grader Circle Group

Blade brackets inserts, hitch plates and bronze wear strips

Scarifier and Ripper Attachment

Cast high quality shanks, ripper and scarifier teeth, pins and locking devices.

Grader End Blade 7D2083, 1C6179, 2D7997, 2Y4984, 5Y1602

A Range of Grader Blades

8E5531 CAT style Motor Grader End Blade

5D9558S Cat Curved Ice Grader Blades

Replacement Scarifier Parts for Motorgraders

Motor Grader 12E 12F 12G 14E Scarifier Shank 195-7218

Scarifier Shanks Fits Caterpillar Motor Graders 9F-5124,195-7218

Motor Grader Scarifier Shank 9F5124 / 9F-5124

Komatsu Long Ripper Tip 141-78-11254, 1417811254

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