Our GET PARTS for Earthmoving Machinery Modes

Our GET PARTS for Earthmoving Machinery Modes

Our GET PARTS for Earthmoving Machinery Modes


SJ-GET can supply bucket teeth adapter and side cutter.For bucket teeth,we can supply various teeth weight range from 1kg to more than 70kg.From construction sector to Mining sector.For bucket adapter,we also supply straight openning and oblique openning adapter and openning gap can be customized. There are alot tooth system provided such as Caterpillar J series Caterpillar K series. Komatsu Tooth system, Volvo tooth system, Doosan tooth system Daweoo tooth system Hyundai tooth system,And Direct replacement Parts for Esco Super V series,Super Conical series, Conical series, Hensley Parabolic tooth system,H&L tooth system and so on.There are base cutting edge OEM fit or custom designed provided.


we supply ripper tooth system and blades cutting edges for many kinds of bulldozer such as Angle Dozer,Straight Dozer,Semi-u blades and U blades.Besides we offer cutting edge oem made.For ripper tooth system.SJ-GET could supply Ripper teeth,ripper shank and shank guard.Spare parts for Large bulldozer machinery like Caterpillar D8 D9 D10 D11 and Komatsu D375 D475


We can provide many parts for wheel loaders and crawler loaders G.E.T spare parts.For unitooth,bolt-on adapter,,weld-on adapter,half-arrow, heel shroud,cutting edge side bar protectors,segments.And there is spare part available for large loader machinery mode for Caterpillar 992 994 And for Komatsu WA500 WA600. Earthmoving Machinery Modes


SJ-GET supply full range of grader cutting edges and overlay.For grader cutting edges,there are two grader provided,one is Carbon steel and the other is Boron steel with heat treatment which is with better mechanical property and better wear life.Besides,shank,ripper teeth for Motor graders are provided. Earthmoving Machinery Modes

100-4581, 1004581 16G Motorgrader Flat Serrated Blade

4T3010 Motor Grader Bulldozer End Edge

9W9796, 9W-9796 Double Beveled Reversible Center Blade

7D1949, 7D-1949 Double Beveled Reversible Motor Grader Blade

Boron Steel Motor Grader Blades 5D-9559 5D9559

5D9558S, 132-1072 Motor Grader Curved Serrated Cutting Edge

8E5531 CAT style Motor Grader End Blade

CAT 5D9553 5D-9553 Motor Grader Blade

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