Ripper Shanks Earthmoving Equipment Parts

Ripper Shanks Earthmoving Equipment Parts

Ripper Shanks Earthmoving Equipment Parts are commonly used in very aggressive environments. We have a complete range of ripper shanks for earthmoving and construction equipment.

Ripper shanks are made of tough abrasion resistant alloy steel to be able to work in soil,gravel,stone,weathered granite etc.

Main Features of Rippers
1. Changeable equipment enables for crushing and digging.
2. Made of high strength steel plate, easy to use and install .
3. Suitable for crushing hard rocks, secondary solid rocks and weathered granite, easy
for excavator to dig and load.
4. Normally, one ripper tooth, also could customize two or three teeth, strong digging

FORGING RIPPER SHANKS:Our ripper shanks are hot forget as ONE SOLID PIECE. Unlike casting or welding, hot forging aligns the internal fiber of the steel into the exact shape of your ripper shank. This change occurs on a microscopic level and the steel fibres run the whole length of the ripper shank with no areas of weakness. This leads to greatly improved wear-resistance, impact-resistance, break-resistance, and toughness. Our hot forged ripper shanks are just what you need to keep your plant working on site and NOT in the repair shop!

Rippers model list:

1Ripper Shank8E5347D8N D8R Single shankCaterpillar36546~50 HRC
28E5346D8N D8R Multiple shank28946~50 HRC
38E5340D8N D8R Deep ripper shank45046~50 HRC
48E5342D8L Single shank34546~50 HRC
58E5341D8L Multiple shank27046~50 HRC
68E5340D8L Deep ripper shank45046~50 HRC
71073485D8K Single shank51046~50 HRC
88E5346D8K Multiple shank28946~50 HRC
91073486D8K Deep ripper shank64446~50 HRC
101144503D9R Single shank56046~50 HRC
118E5346D9R Multiple shank28946~50 HRC
121099114D9R Deep ripper shank68046~50 HRC
138E5339D9N Single shank42546~50 HRC
148E5346D9N Multiple shank28946~50 HRC
158E5348D9N Deep ripper shank51046~50 HRC
161073485D9H Single shank51046~50 HRC
178E5345D9H Multiple shank31846~50 HRC
181073486D9H Deep ripper shank64446~50 HRC
198E8414D9L Single shank55546~50 HRC
208E8415D9L Multiple shank43546~50 HRC
218E8416D9L Deep ripper shank68046~50 HRC
221182140D10R D10T Single shank74546~50 HRC
238E8415D10R D10T Multiple shank43546~50 HRC
241093135D10R D10T Deep ripper shank90546~50 HRC
258E8411D10N Single shank63846~50 HRC
268E8415D10N Multiple shank43546~50 HRC
278E8417D10N Deep ripper shank76446~50 HRC
288E8412D10 Single shank84046~50 HRC
298E8413D10 Multiple shank58046~50 HRC
301049277D11N D11R Single shank104346~50 HRC
318E8413D11N D11R Multiple shank58046~50 HRC
321049275D11N D11R Deep ripper shank124046~50 HRC
33144-78-11243D65A-8 D65E-8Komatsu10546~50 HRC
34154-78-14349D8515946~50 HRC
35175-78-21615D155A-228546~50 HRC
36175-79-32131D155A-241246~50 HRC
3715A-79-11120D155A-3 D155A-537446~50 HRC
38195-79-31141D35554846~50 HRC
39195-79-51151D37562546~50 HRC
40198-79-21320D475105246~50 HRC
4110Y-84-50000SD13Shantui5446~50 HRC
4216Y-84-30000SD1610546~50 HRC
43154-78-14348SD22 Three Shank Ripper15646~50 HRC
44175-78-21615SD32 Three Shank Ripper28346~50 HRC
4523Y-89-00100SD2220646~50 HRC
4624Y-89-30000SD3246146~50 HRC
4724Y-89-50000SD3246646~50 HRC
4831Y-89-07000SD4254846~50 HRC
49185-89-06000SD5257646~50 HRC
501142-89-09000SD90103046~50 HRC


8E8418 Caterpillar Ripper Shank Nose


D9L, D10N Caterpillar Ripper Shanks 8E8417 8E-8417

CATERPILLAR Machinery 8E8417 Shanks For Sale

8E8416 China Forged Bucket Ripper Shank

Ripper Shanks 9W7382, 4T1710, 7T8990, 9J4386, 9J1642, 1C6506

D11 Ripper Shank 8E8413, 8E-8413

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