1 Equipment used for extraction work in quarries on very hard and compact terrains or rocky surfaces. The structure configuration helps the treatment of the most resistant and abrasive materials, concentrating the penetration force on the tip of the tooth.

2 Monoblock ripper completely built in Hardox 400 up to 9 ton excavators; traditional model with interchangeable ripper penetration tooth for larger size excavators.

3 Provided reinforcements on the sides of the ripper body, and on request, a protective shield for the tooth.

Heavy Duty Ripper Teeth
An essential piece of kit for all minis and 360 degree excavators, the ripper tooth makes light work of hard, compacted or rocky ground. Ripping ground prior to digging will greatly reduce wear and stress on both bucket and machine, and speed up cycle times. Rippers can also be used to tear up footings and floor slabs, pull up tree roots and other jobs where full machine breakout force is needed.
All our ripper shanks are cut from high-wear, high yield-strength Hardox® steel.
Fitted with replaceable CAT type tip.

Ripper Tooth
• Range from 4 – 75 ton excavator
• Apply all the power of your excavator at one point for maximum ripping efficiency
• Replaceable tooth and wear shroud (450 BHN)
• Added side wear protection to extend life of ripper (for excavators bigger than 10 tons)
• Extra thick steel shank for increased strength
• Ripper reduces excessive stresses on your excavator

Machine Weight(Tons)ModelShank Thicknes
ApproxWork Depth

Excavator Bulldozer Forged Ripper Tooth 175-78-31230TL D85TL

Komatsu Style D85TL Ripper Tip Tiger Type

Komatsu D85 Ripper Tiger Tooth 175-78-31230TL

SHANTUI Ripper Tooth 16Y-84-00010 / 175-78-31230

PC100 PC120 PC200 Excavator Mounted Bucket Ripper Tooth

141-78-11254 KOMATSU Genuine Long Ripper Tooth

Komatsu Long Ripper Tip 141-78-11254, 1417811254


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