1049575 Shank A.
1049277 Shank A.
1073485 Shank Ripper D8K/D9H
1144503 Shank A.
1182140 shank ace
4T4502 Tip Ripper
4T4503 Type
4T5452 Tip Ripper
4T5502 Tip Ripper
6Y0309 Tip Ripper
6Y0352 Tip Ripper
6Y0359 Tip Ripper
8E5339 Shanks
8E5340 Shank A.
8E5342 Shank A.
8E5346 Shank A.
8E5347 Shank A.
8E5348 Shank A.
8E8412 Shank As Ri
8E8413 Shank As Ri
8E8414 Shank As Ri
8E8415 Shank Ripper D10N/ D9L
8E8416 Shank As Ri
8J5299 Shank D4
9J3139 Shanks 951/955/D4
9J6586 Shanks D6/D7
9J8923 Shanks

Box blade shanks / scarifier teeth help break up hard packed dirt and material that collects during the winter. Attach this box blade to your machinery to soften the ground and uproot weeds.
Box Blade Shank / Scarifier Teeth
Length: 16 inches
Width: 2-1/2 inches
Thickness: 3/4 inch
First slot from top: 1-1/3 inches to center
2nd slot: 4 inches to center
3rd slot: 7 inches to center
With point
Top and bottom: 5/8 inch
Center slot: 1 inch wide
Uses Pin – 10405 – Flat Pin for Slotted Box Blade Shanks
For replacement point, use – 10453 – Ripper Point for 3/4 inch Box Blade Shank
Check out our selection of Box Blade & Scraper Blade Parts

Grader Scarifier and Ripper Parts
At HERE we stock a range of plant spares and have been suppliers for over a decade. We are proud to be able to stock Grader Scarifier and Ripper Parts at a great price so we can help our customers work harder for longer while still getting a quality product that is made to last because of its through hardened tempered steel design to resist bending or breakage and providing a longer wear life than any other grader scarifier shanks and ripper parts. We stock front notched and back notched CAT Grader Scarifier Shanks to suit any machinery make and model.

If you want more information about our Grader Scarifier and Ripper Parts or want to make an enquiry, just contact our highly skilled staff at WEBSITE through our website or give us a call.

PC250 PC300 Komatsu Bucket Shank 206-70-54221 (3809-40)

Esco 3810-45 Tooth Shank Adapter for Ex400 Zx400 PC400

119-3205, 1193205 Backhoe/ Mini Excavator Bucket Shank

J300 Backhoe Bucket Adapter Teeth Shank 1U-0307, 1U0307

195-78-72410 Komatsu Spare Parts Ripper Shank Protection

4T-4705, 171-1705 Caterpillar 385C, 5090B, 992G Teeth Shank

CAT E200 Weld-on Excavator Shank Adaptor 6Y3254HD


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