Services and Products Of Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting

Services and Products Of Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting

Services and Products Of Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting

NBSJ offers production services and products made through the precision lost wax investment casting process.

The history of the investment casting process can date back to the Bronze Age. The precision investment casting applied in the modern industry evolved from the traditional lost wax casting process.

NBSJ has been involved in the investment casting process since the 1990s. From the water-glass shell process to the silica-sol shell process, we have continued to manufacture more and more accurate and complex casting products used in more and more industries. As a metal casting service supplier, we equipped the foundry with advanced testing instruments such as molten iron analyzers, spectrometers, and metallographic microscopes to guarantee the casting metal’s grade and mechanical properties.

Our lost wax investment casting products ranged from grams to kilograms (usually less than 25kg). The casting materials include carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, and other metal alloys. Meanwhile, we have our own CNC machining workshop, where we can make wax-pattern molding and subsequent machining of casting blanks to meet customers’ one-stop requirements.

If you have a metal part that needs to be customized, either for prototype or mass production, contact us now and immediately take advantage of our services.

There are several procedures involved in the investment casting process.
1. Molding – Design and make the molds used to produce single wax models;
2. Pattern-making – Trim the wax models and assemble them to form a wax pattern tree;
3. Shell-making – Coat the wax patter tree with the shell materials and repeat several times to a specific thickness, and then dry the shell thoroughly in the air at a particular temperature;
4. Dewax – Melt or vaporize the wax pattern tree in the shells and remove the wax;
5. Shell burnout preheating– Bake the shells to remove the moisture and residual wax;
6. Casting – Melt the applied metals and pour the molten metal into the shells;
7. Castings divesting – Knock off the shells and separate the castings, and then cut off the workpieces and grind them to remove the cutting residues;
8. Heat treatment – Apply the heat treatment to the metal castings as per requirements;
9. Machining – If necessary, machine the dimensions to the required tolerances;

Advantages of the lost-wax investment casting process include
The dimensions of the investment casting parts are highly accurate
The surface roughness of the castings is much smoother than other casting processes
There is no flash or molding line on the investment casting parts
Almost any kind of metals suit the investment casting process
Suitable for products with complex shapes and structures

Why Choose NBSJ foundry for your metal investment casting products?
Based on more than 20 years of practice, and overall technical support from our experienced engineering team, NBSJ can supply customers with the most optimal solution to choose the right casting process and material, which expects to save 10% in costs for their project. Meanwhile, due to our service team’s quick response, we are always there any time when you need us, saving time for both of us.

Benefits of NBSJ cast foundry include:
Our production facilities have automated wax injecting machines, wax pattern production lines, automatic shell drying system, electric induction furnaces up to 2T, and testing instruments including molten iron chemical composition analyzer and spectrometer, and metallographic microscopes.
NBSJ can manufacture castings made of all kinds of metal alloys from several grams to more than 20kgs. We can meet all your requirements, from prototyping to mass production.
A technology supporting team that includes both hands-on production engineers coming from the workshop and professional design engineers from modern universities;
In addition to the lost wax investment casting production lines, NBSJ also has other casting processes, including sand casting, lost foam sand casting, pre-coated sand mold casting, and die casting. And NBSJ also supplies other metal part production lines such as sheet metal stamping, drop forging, CNC machining, Welding, and surface treatment to meet customers’ demands for one-stop service of manufacturing the whole set of their products.

Quality control policy of NBSJ foundry
NBSJ has established our quality management policy strictly following the ISO 9001 standard in the casting foundry. We require every step of the order execution to be managed and controlled according to this policy to provide customers consistent quality products and services.
Our quality management policy includes the following aspects.
Molten metal composition analysis before each casting procedure;
Sample quality inspection, including dimensions, chemical composition, and mechanical properties;
Mass production casting procedure monitoring;
Quality inspection after mass production;
Packaging and transportation inspection;
All tests must have traceable inspection reports on file.

9W1453RP, 138-6451 Caterpillar Penetrator Bucket Tip Point

7T3403RP 135-9400 Wheel-Type Loader HD Penetration Bucket Tooth

2412n278d1/ 2412n278d2 SK100 Series Kobelco Bucket Side Cutter


J550 CAT style Loader Tooth 1386552, 9W1553RP2 / RP3

2412N298D21 SK200 Four Holes Excavator Bucket Side Cutter

5 Holes SK200 Kobelco Standard Side Cutter Left Hand

Replacement SK230 Kobelco Cutter Side BLADE

Kobelco SK260 Excavator Bucket Side Cutter

6Y6223 Caterpillar Spare Parts J225 Abrasion Tip

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