Understanding Wear Resistant Parts

Understanding Wear Resistant Parts

Understanding Wear Resistant Parts

In the construction industry, all items of equipment and machinery are exposed to wear, tear and mechanical stresses. These items of equipment will require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure their longevity and durability. Wear and tear experienced by machinery parts are most commonly due to scratching, grinding, knocking of materials, as well as the effects of hot, cold and chemical reactions.

Surface ruin can also be caused by broken off material, notches and cracks. Many people believe that wear resistant parts offer the solution to such wear and tear – and they can be, if they are looked after properly and used for their intended purposes (not overloaded).

For parts to be considered “wear resistant”, they must be protected against the effects of impacts, knocks or rolling. When testing the durability and actual tolerance of wear resistant parts, the following is tested and checked for:

• Substances such as air, water and oil, found between the bodies.
• The type of exposure that the part can handle and the strength of the acting forces, which can include speed, temperature and pressure.
• The environment that the machinery / equipment and the wear resistant part is used in. This includes humidity, salt exposure, pressure and so on.

While there are wear resistant parts on the market that offer exceptional durability, regardless of the working conditions that they are used in, it is naive to think that they will simply never show wear and tear. Eventually, these parts need to be replaced too. In most construction environments, the equipment is kept running to avoid financial loss. To save on the cost of repairs and maintenance, single components can be replaced. The single components or parts that are replaced are typically called “wearing parts”. These include the likes of stone mills, screens, excavator buckets and more.

At  NBSJ BUCKET TOOTH Supplies, we stock wear resistant parts to the market at competitive rates. Our products offer the finest possible quality and value for money, which means that your construction equipment can benefit from long-term use of parts with very little wear and tear.

If you are shopping around for wear resistant parts to invest in, take the time to contact us at NBSJ BUCKET TOOTH Supplies. We are available via email and telephone, and look forward to assisting you with better understanding the functionality of wear resistant parts. Give us a call or send us an email for more information and advice on our range of products and services today.

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