Using Half Arrows to Protect Your Ground Engaging Tools

Using Half Arrows to Protect Your Ground Engaging Tools

Using Half Arrows to Protect Your Ground Engaging Tools

Half arrows are blades that are used on ground engaging machinery and equipment. They are used on the bucket and provide a certain level of wear and tear protection for the bucket, along with a few other protective components, such as sidebar protectors, side cutters, segments and top covers. If you want to extend the life of your ground engaging tools, ensure that half arrows are on your list of added components.

A strike off side cutter can also be used to protect the lower bucket sides and corners from wear, tear and damage. They feature a perfect half arrow shape and provide much better digging penetration than a bare bucket. These are, of course, only suitable for use in moderate-to-light duty working environments. These can actually be stacked onto the bucket and each other for added protection.

Half arrows are typically provided in bolt-on form and can be changed and replaced independently to its surrounding components which include top covers and bolt-on cutting edges. The half arrow’s main function is to cover the leading edge of the bucket for a smooth material transition.

Weld-on half arrows can also be used in order to customise a bucket. The use of these types of half arrows reduces scalloping and improves digging penetration. Regardless of what type of half arrow you invest in, the benefits for you and your equipment are quite simply astounding.

At NBSJ, all of our half arrows are wear resistant. If you’re looking for a variety of half arrow sizes, you’re in luck! We stock the 19mm, 29mm and 30mm half arrow thickness varieties. We typically supply each arrow in a 3.6m length. Each of these half arrows is OPM quality and offers exceptional performance in almost any working conditions. Each half arrow on our catalogue has undergone a harsh heating treatment, which results in them being extremely tough and durable. It is also this very treatment that makes our half arrows resistant to abrasion.

If you’re unsure about which half arrow blade is best suited to your specific needs and application, simply chat to our expert consultants who will waste no time in imparting with helpful information and advice. In addition to a phenomenal service and top-quality products that offer exceptional value for money, you’ll find competitive rates at NBSJ. It is our aim to provide the market with the best quality parts, spares and components at an affordable rate. After all, if we help you to keep your operational costs down, your equipment productive and your business profitable, there’s every reason for you to become a loyal, long-term customer.

If you are interested in learning more about our half arrows and their functionality, take the time to get in touch with us at NBSJ. We will present you with a viable range of options to consider and will ensure that you are provided with a wealth of valuable product-related information and advice too. Waste no more time – send us an email or give us a call today.

116-7460, 1167460 CAT Style Center Half Arrow

CAT Wheel Loader Half Arrow LH 1167461 / 116-7461

CAT 116-7460 Bucket Half Arrow

Excavator Half Arrow Edge 116-7462, 1167462

113-3142 Left Hand Weld On Half Arrow

113-3140 Cat Style Weld-on Half-Arrow

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