V61TL high wear-resistant excavator bucket teeth

V61TL high wear-resistant excavator bucket teeth

V61TL high wear-resistant excavator bucket teeth V61TL Excavators ESCO Bucket Teeth

Its principal target is to prevent cracks. To avoidthem, preheat and keep the area to be weld,between 140-180ºC. We recommend to use agas torch, and control temperature withtemperstilks or contact or radiationpyrometers.
Maximum Temperature and final check
During the welding process, do not go over250ºC, except the direct affected parts. Thebest method to keep the temperature withinthese limits, is to space each run. Whenfinishing the welding, it is essential to check thequality of the surface of the filler material andthe absence of defects. The surface of beadsmust be as flat and regular as possible. Grindthe irregularities, avoiding parallel grindinglines to the beads.

V61SD V61RYL V61SYL V61RC V61TL excavator spare parts ..
1.Basic Info: Part no: V61SD V61RYL V61SYL V61RC V61TL Usage: Replace for Esco excavator Material:Alloy steel Color:

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V61TL Bucket Teeth For VOLVO Excavator Manufacturers & Factory. We accept OEM custom products all made in China.
V61TL Standard Tiger Style Bucket Tip Teeth, STANDARD SYMMETRIC GENERAL PURPOSE TOOTH, V61 Dirt Single Tiger Pick Bucket Tooth For
Part no: V61SD V61RYL V61SYL V61RC V61TL Sell OEM Quality Casting V61 / V61SYL Wearable Bucket Teeth and Adaptor TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Tooth with extra ADAPTER

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