What Bucket Teeth Use For Penetrating Clay

What Bucket Teeth Use For Penetrating Clay

What Bucket Teeth Use For Penetrating Clay

We recommend Rock Chisel Bucket Teeth for penetrating clay surfaces The Caterpillar J Series rock chisel bucket teeth break through the initial crusty, tough clay surface and then has the length and width to strip out the clay.

The configuration of the rock chisel allows for minimal wear. The point and bevel at the front is self-sharpening and the tooth is reversible. This increases wear time without needing to change your digging angle.

This penetration rock chisel bucket tooth also has the added benefit of having a wider tip which helps with lumping the clay in the bucket.

Ultimately getting the job done quicker. There is no need to switch out bucket teeth if moving from hard to wet clay applications when using a rock chisel tooth. These teeth are capable of penetrating the hard clay, while also digging wet lump clay.

The most common answer among the mining and construction industry is Twin Tiger Teeth Don’t get us wrong. Twin Tiger Bucket Teeth are perfect for improved penetration in hard clay applications and will assist in the initial piercing of the top layer of the clay surface.

Keep in mind that twin tigers have less wear material penetrating the ground, so they tend to wear down fast and lose penetration quality.

This is a key reason why we recommend the rock chisel tooth in this application. Digging wet clay comes with its own challenges Instead of penetrating through crusty hard clay, the machine needs to stay afloat.

Standard wide bucket tooth tips  are ideal for working in wet clay, as an alternative to the rock chisel. The extra width at the tip assists in stripping out the clay and throwing lump clay into the bucket.

1U3302, 1U-3302 Caterpillar style J300 / E180 Dirt Bucket Tooth

1U3252, 1U-3252 Caterpillar J250 Standard Long Bucket Tooth Point

Cat J Series J350 Standard Long Bucket Tip 1U3352, 1U-3352

Custom Manufacturing of Bucket Points

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1U3352 Cat Style J350 Excavator Bucket Teeth

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