A ripper teeth is an attachment that is fitted to an excavator, that is used for breaking rock and very hard ground.

A ripper teeth concentrates all the power of the machine onto a small point, and therefore provides maximum penetration into very compact surfaces that would struggle to be broken by a standard digging bucket.

The design of this attachment means it is a very strong tool for the job, capable of digging; or ripping, even the hardest of ground.

What are ripper teeth used for?

As well as being used for penetrating and breaking up very hard ground, ripper teeth are also very good for digging out stubborn items such as rocks and tree roots buried in the ground.

Other uses include breaking up frozen ground although this doesn’t happen very often here in the world! We can however ship this item worldwide, so if you are struggling with this challenge we would be glad to help!

These attachments are usually used in scenarios where the ground is too hard to go at it just with your standard digging bucket, and you are likely to damage the bucket, or worse, your machine! The best way to use the land ripper is by using it to break up the ground first, then come in with your digging bucket and dig as you usually would.

What are the advantages of using a ripper teeth?

We have covered a few of these already further up in our blog post, however I will try and sum it up into a few short paragraphs.

The main advantage of using a ripper tooth is the speed at which you can tear up stubborn terrain. Breaking through rocky, compact, and clay like ground before using your digging bucket as you usually would not only speed up the process, but also stops excessive wear and tear on your other attachments, and also your digger or excavator.

Another advantage of using the ripper tooth is 100% of your breakout force is being use through a fine point. This means that you get more force into the ground, right where you need it, rather than the force being distributed between multiple teeth.

Another common place you will find a ripper tooth is on the back of a tracked dozer. You can see a large hook type device one the back. The problem is, hiring a dozer is very expensive. Whereas buying this attachment is the much cheaper alternative.

How to make a ripper tooth?

The first and probably most important consideration when building a ripper tooth is the shank – things to consider are both material quality and also strength.

Because the full force of the machine is being directed on the shank it is very important that it is thick enough to prevent it cracking when ripping the ground.

With over 25 years of designing and building excavator attachments SJ have massive experience in calculating these thicknesses. We look at the power of the current excavators in the market to design a product that is strong enough, but at the same time as not being too heavy for the machine.

The next consideration is the end of the Ripper Tooth. Typically the point of the ripper is the part that takes the most wear. The Ripper Tooth is fitted with our heavy duty tooth for maximum wear resistance. The added benefit is that this tooth can be removed when worn out, and replaced maximising the lifetime of the attachment.

The final design feature is the head of the ripper tooth. We manufacture ours with an interlocking head design that locks the head to the shank of the ripper and therefore increases the strength.


Excavator Bulldozer Forged Ripper Tooth 175-78-31230TL D85TL

1757831230TL D85TL Ripper Tooth Excavator Earthmoving Spare Parts

Komatsu Style D85TL Ripper Tip Tiger Type

Komatsu D85 Ripper Tooth 175-78-31230 Shantui SD32

141-78-11330 Komatsu D65A D65E D75A Ripper Tooth Tips

195-78-71320 KOMATSU Bulldozer D375 Ripper Tooth

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