What is the Difference Between Wheeled Slag Scraper and Crawler Slag Scraper?

What is the Difference Between Wheeled Slag Scraper and Crawler Slag Scraper

What is the Difference Between Wheeled Slag Scraper and Crawler Slag Scraper?

Foreword: After purchasing the slag scraper, everyone must remember that there is a process of testing the machine in the early stage. Because this process determines the service life of the slag removal machine and the personal safety of the staff.

The following editor will explain to you what operation steps are needed when the slag scraper is tested.

1. The hydraulic oil of the slag scraper must be replaced according to the maintenance steps in the safety manual. When selecting hydraulic oil! It is also necessary to choose oil that meets the national standard, the purpose is to prevent the impact of inferior hydraulic oil on the insufficient power of the machine.

2. Before the slag scraper goes down the mine, it is necessary to idle the motor for about 5 minutes. The purpose is to allow the motor to have a certain heating time to prevent the humid air in the cave from causing leakage to the internal circuit after entering the mine. At the same time! It should also be noted that the slag scraper should not be overloaded to avoid burning out the motor.

3. The new slag removal machine plays a key role in the service life of the slag removal machine within the first 100 hours of use. The mine owner must pay attention to it. If you do not pay attention to it, many parts will be damaged inside the machine. No amount of maintenance will help. Therefore, the maintenance of the new machine is very important for the later use.

4. The slag scraper needs to check and replace the hydraulic oil on a regular basis. It should be noted that the national standard hydraulic oil must be strictly selected.

5. The slag removal machine needs to be lubricated regularly for oil cylinders, hydraulic rods, and other parts. Make sure that the parts of each part are lubricated in place.

6. Check and replace the underground and slag removal machine internal circuits from time to time to prevent the aging and exposure of the thread ends.

7. Regularly check the machine and all parts to see if they are firm.

8. For the crawler-type slag removal machine, it is necessary to regularly check whether the crawler link plate is loose, and tighten it in time when found.

Therefore, after the new machine is bought, it must be operated and maintained according to the above 8 points, so as to ensure that the machine can be used for a longer period of time.

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