Wondering How to Extend the Life of Your Bucket Teeth?

Wondering How to Extend the Life of Your Bucket Teeth

Wondering How to Extend the Life of Your Bucket Teeth?

In the last issue, we analyzed the causes of bucket tooth damage from the stress and working conditions of the bucket teeth. In this issue, we will talk about how to extend the service life of the bucket teeth on the excavator bucket.

1. The appropriate bucket teeth should be selected according to the construction environment of the excavator. Generally, flat-head bucket teeth should be used for excavating soil, weathered sand, and surface coal. RC-type bucket teeth are used for digging massive hard rocks, and TL-type bucket teeth are generally used for digging massive coal seams. TL bucket teeth can increase the coal block rate. In actual use, users often prefer general-purpose RC-type bucket teeth. It is recommended not to use RC-type bucket teeth unless it is a special case. It is better to use flat-headed bucket teeth, because RC-type bucket teeth will grow like a “fist” after a period of full wear. Reduce the digging resistance and waste power, while the flat bucket teeth always maintain a sharp surface during the wear process, which reduces the digging resistance and saves fuel.

2. Obviously, during the use of excavator bucket teeth, the wear rate of the outermost teeth of the bucket is faster than that of the innermost. The bucket teeth are intact. It is recommended to reverse the position of the bucket teeth inside and out after a period of use.

3. The wear of the bucket tooth seat will also affect the service life of the bucket tooth, but it is recommended to replace the bucket tooth seat after the wear of the bucket tooth seat is 10%, because the gap between the excessively worn tooth seat and the bucket tooth There is a large gap, which changes the cooperation between the bucket tooth and the tooth seat, and the force point, and the bucket tooth breaks due to the change of the force point.

152613122 PIN   New Holland / Case Bucket Shank 7704802, 834-3C
8915191 PIN
2212293 PIN   JCB Excavator Teeth 332/C4388, 332/D8455
6804566450 PIN
D141075 SPACER
160442A1 PIN   Case Bucket Flushmount Adapter 7704802, 468314R1, 468314R11, 470241R1
6972166460 PIN Extend the Life of Bucket Teeth
87625612 BUSHING   251479, 240F New Holland Ford Flared Tip Tooth
6952172430 BUSHING
B1545394 WASHER  7700622 Ford New Holland Tooth System
6005752M2 PIN
D49865 PIN
KRV1197 SHIM   Ford New Holland Dirt Bucket Tooth D3NN302C, 230
D133509 PIN
163003A1 SEAL AS
167556A1 PIN    New Holland Single Tiger Unforged Tooth D3NN302CT, 230T
5001572M1 BUSHING
0810106005 BUSHING
166467A1 SEAL AS   87612492 Genuine OEM Holland Backhoe Bucket Tooth
200038A1 PIN Extend the Life of Bucket Teeth
421650A1 PIN
KU66630 BUSHING    70002-00493 New Holland Ford Fabricated Tip
72112178 BUSHING

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