Breaker Chisel & Tools

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Our breaker chisels & tools product selection is supported by genuine NBSJ tools to ensure that your all equipment continues to contribute to your company’s profitability for its entire working life.

Choosing the right tool for the job will have a major impact upon the power and productivity of your breaker. Correctly matching the right tool to the job application is critical to achieving the highest level of production with lowest possible operating costs.

Our experience working with demolition tools covers over 20 years – throughout which we have continued to supply high quality tools to the construction and demolition industry.

NBSJ have become the China’s number one source for hydraulic breaker chisels and we are known as a symbol of quality.

We stock all types of excavator mounted hammer tools including chisels, points and blunts (see tool selector guide). All tools are manufactured using the latest machinery and technology using specially selected steel. The quality is certified to BS EN ISO9001:2008 standard.

A hydraulic hammer converts hydraulic power to kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is delivered by the hammer piston to the tool as an impact force. Choose and use the tool that is most suited for the work. Using a tool not suited for the work not only reduces the working efficiency but may cause chipping, deformation, or other damage to the tool.

Breaker Chisel & Tools

NBSJ manufactures Hammer tools from a special alloy steel that gives consistently high performance even in extreme hard wearing surface without compromising on the durability of the tool.

NBSJ understands that performance of the hammers depend a great deal on the quality of tools being used, as such since decade, NBSJ is consistently producing only the high quality tools, using high purity alloy steel that is heat treated under special condions to withstand the enormous energy delivered by today’s Hydraulic hammers.

We use these tools with our repairs and stand behind them. Don’t settle for less than the best, Choose NBSJ .

Various point shapes and shank sizes available to suit over 200 models of different OEM.

Right tool, right job

Standard chisel tool
for nonabrasive but tough rock or concrete
for material which has low or medium penetration rate

Hard rock chisel
hard and abrasive rock with fractures
for application where drilling and blasting cannot be used
materials with low penetration

Limestone and concrete chisel
very soft and easily breaking, nonabrasive rock or concrete
for rock which has high penetration rate

Blunt tool
hard rock with low or medium abrasive ontent
boulder breaking or concrete demolition
application where tool wear rate is low

Super blunt tool
hard and abrasive rock
only for voulder breaking
1.5-3 times more wear life than standard blunt in very abrasive applications
in non-abrasive applications life maybe shorter than standard blunt

Moil point tool
where chisels have excessive retaining pin goove wear
soft and nonabrasive rock
general demolition of concrete

Pyramid point tool
soft, nonabrasive and tough rock and especially concrete
materials recuiring high penetration rate
where chisels have excessive retaining pin groove wear

Compacting tool
compacting ground

Asphalt cutting tool
frozen or compact ground

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