Hyundai Bucket Adapter


To match varying work conditions, Hyundai Tooth Adapters support numerous degrees of tip penetration custom-made for your loaders, excavators and scrapers. The product line includes adapters for both bolt on bucket teeth and weld on bucket teeth.

Hyundai Loader & Excavator Bucket Adapters by Machine: R50 R55 R305 R200 R290 R300 R420 R450 R215 R225 R360 R500 R650 HX80ADT R290/320/235 R360/420/HX160 R5000 HX80 , MX6 , MX8 , DH07 , R1400-7(Old) , R2200W-2 , R2200-3 , MX132W …

61EQ-30040 66NB-31320 61E7-0100 E262-3027 E161-3017 61Q6-31320 61NA-31320 61N4-31320 61N8-31320 61NB-31320 61N4-31200 (30mm) XD200/210/61N6-31320 (35mm) XD200/210 (40mm) 61N6-31320 (40mm) XD225-9-35 61N8-31320 (40mm)
61NA-31320 (42mm) XD455-50(52mm) 61QA-31320 (53mm) 62NB-31320 (50mm/66NB) XD450-45 XD450-55 XD200/210-35 XD290-40 XD290-50 XD450-45 61NB-31320 (52mm) 61Q6-31320 (32mm) 61QA-31320 (40MM) 61EQ-30040 (70mm) 61E7-0100 (04600/04500) 61EE-00470 /2713-6013/25S …

NBSJ customers rely on Hyundai Bucket Adapter  for the most demanding mining, forestry, construction and other groundbreaking applications on earth.

Fix them today, with the worlds safest, most trusted, hammerless Bucket Tooth Adapter System China Supplier & Factory – NBSJ G.E.T ! Guaranteed longer wear life & no loss of Teeth Adaptor ! we stock the largest range of Hyundai Bucket Adapters in China, with various fitment styles & systems for all makes & models of Excavators & Loaders.

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Disclaimer: All parts listed on this site are aftermarket replacement parts and are not manufactured by the original machinery manufacturers.

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