Half Arrows

Half Arrow Edge Protection, Weld-on half-arrows, Bolt-on segment  half arrows, CAT style Half arrow edges and segments


Half arrows edges and segments are designed and built to perform using our Alloy steel for excellent wear characteristics and superior impact resistance. Half Arrow Edges are used to replace the standard double bevel design commonly used on loaders when no tooth and adapter options are installed. Segments are placed between loader teeth to protect the base edge of the bucket. The half arrow design offers enhanced protection for the edge and bevel. Combining half arrow shaped segments or blades with base edge covers completely protects the base edge from abrasion.

General features:
Increase base & bevel edge protection
Improve bucket penetration
Available for straight or spade blade
Our half arrow:
10% additional wear material.
Rippled surface optimize material flow.
Half arrow segments are designed to protect bucket edge and bevel. They also increase bucket penetration for delta or straight blades. we improved rippled surface optimized penetration and material flow.
We designs add more material on the underside where abrasion is highest.
High performace steel alloy uses in both models to enhance superior impact.

Usage: To protect the base edge of loader buckets and excavator buckets

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