Bucket Teeth & Adaptors


NBSJ GET Inc. can supply bucket teeth and adapters for all types of heavy equipment.

In the earthmoving industry, it takes the right ground engaging tools to extract full performance from your heavy equipment. The bottom line? Whether you’re in construction, mining, quarrying or another ground-engaging field, it’s essential to have quality teeth and adaptors for your bucket.

Equip your loader, excavator or bulldozer with NBSJ’s durable range of bucket teeth and adaptors. We offer a full range of Replacement bucket adaptors and teeth, as well as fitting hardware such as pins and retainers.

Anyone in the business knows that efficiency, productivity and durability aren’t just words – they reflect real dollar values for your project. Matching your ground-engaging tools with the terrain and application also means genuine savings, boosting the profitability of your project.

By reducing stress on your earthmoving equipment, choosing the right teeth for hard or rocky surfaces achieves results more quickly, with greater fuel efficiency. Selecting the right angle and tip penetration also ensures you benefit from the maximum lifespan of your GET, avoiding premature wear.

OEM part numbers work best when finding a tooth. If you don’t have the OEM part number, please measure the LENGTH X WIDTH of the tooth pocket, and call us so we can assist you in finding what tooth you need.

Don’t hesitate to call or inquire to have an NBSJ tooth professional assist you in finding what tooth works best in your application.

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