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ESCO Bucket Tooth

ESCO Bucket Tooth, ESCO Super-V Series Tooth System, Replacement ESCO style Bucket Attachments Teeth, Tips Point For Excavators / Loaders / Skid Steers / Backhoe / Bulldozers / Motorgrader

NBSJ customers rely on ESCO Bucket Tooth for the most demanding mining, forestry, construction and other groundbreaking applications on earth.

ESCO Super V-Series Twist On Style Bucket Teeth
Direct replacement aftermarket part for the Super V and Twistlok fitments. They are also suitable for use with adaptor wear caps.
The reusable locking pin is protected by the tooth ear to reduce pin walk, improve reusability and assist with installation. The Bucket Teeth are reversible to increase wear life and the variety of point designs suits all digging applications.

ESCO Ultralok Bucket Teeth
Fully hammerless tooth system, requiring only one person and one tool to lock, unlock and remove the tooth from the adapter, making it easy and safe to use. The system offers 30% longer wear life performance as a result of 15% more wear metal.

ESCO SV2 Bucket Teeth
Fully hammer-less locking system and provides enhanced productivity, reliability and safety. It has been designed with a slimmer nose profile adding up to 15% more useable wear metal resulting in up to 30% better wear life and 25% better tooth penetration.

ESCO Conical Style Bucket Teeth
The ESCO Conical style bucket teeth and adaptor system use a vertical pin and rubber lock, which restricts movement. The conical design creates a compression action as the raised centre of the adaptor fits into the tooth pocket.

ESCO Tooth System with extra wear material and longer service life, excellent penetration and auto sharpening for heavy duty applications.

Model. Parts No. Weight
13S 13S       0.45
15S 15T       0.65
18S 18S       1.03
22S 22S       1.35
25S 25S       2.22
30S 30S       2.30
35S 35S       4.49
36S 35SLP       5.50
30S 40S        5.52
40S 40S-1       7.21
45S 45S        9.15
45S 45SL      10.30
22R10 22R10 [Ripper Tip]       3.90
25R12 25R12 [Ripper Tip]       5.74
35R15 35R14 [Ripper Tip]      15.00
39R16 39R16 [Ripper Tip]      20.00
35AP 35AP [Heavy Duty]       5.00
56A   Super conical 56A-1 [Heavy Duty Abrasion]      21.78
66R  Super conical 66R      24.00
76R   Super conical 76R      28.60
V13 Super V V13 [Standard]       0.80
V13 Super V V13SY [SY]       0.80
V33SHV  Super V V33SHV       8.35
V39SHV  Super V V39SHV      11.40
V39SYL  Super V V39SYL      10.39
V43SYL  Super V V43SYL      13.88
V51SYL  Super V V51SYL      16.50
V61SYL  Super V V61SYL      24.00

Fix them today, with the worlds safest, most trusted, hammerless Bucket Tooth System China Supplier & Factory – NBSJ G.E.T ! Guaranteed longer wear life & no loss of Teeth ! we stock the largest range of Bucket Tips in China, with various fitment styles & systems for all makes & models of Excavators & Loaders.

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Disclaimer: All parts listed on this site are aftermarket replacement parts and are not manufactured by the original machinery manufacturers.

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